MTEMS Explains Lutheran Helicopter Plan

In response to recent discussions by county fire chiefs regarding Multi-Township EMS’ choice to use Lutheran Air as its “preferred helicopter service,” in a press release issued today, MTEMS Directors Mark Pepple and Scott Sigerfoos have provided explanations for the decision.

Multi-Township EMS has, for the past eight months, evaluated the performance of the helicopter services by utilizing both Lutheran Air and Parkview Samaritan on a rotation basis. 

“We did an analysis of the time frame from when we called the helicopter service to the time they were lifting off the ground transporting the patient to a trauma center,” said Sigerfoos, director of operations. “We discovered that the time was identical between services.”

Further, Sigerfoos said Lutheran Air will be placing a faster helicopter in Wabash in the next 90 days which, “data shows will make their scene times even faster than what we are seeing now, which will be a large enhancement to our community.”

MTEMS Clinical Director Pepple assured the transition will be “seamless for our patients” adding, “I would be very happy to have either one of the services transport one of my loved ones. Due to the growth of Lutheran Air and the results found with this trial, we know that this is a partnership that will benefit everyone.”

Both men assured there will be times when Parkview Samaritan is still utilized.

According to the press release, “Patients also have a choice in which hospital they would like to be transported to. If a patient wants to go to Lutheran Hospital, Parkview Regional Medical Center or Memorial in South Bend, they will be given that choice.”

Sigerfoos concluded, “We are excited to build a relationship with a service that has the best interest of Kosciusko County at heart. The Lutheran Health Network has a vested interest in improving the health and wellness of our community and this is one more step to help in that mission.”

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