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Mortgage Foreclosures
The following mortgage foreclosures have been awarded in Kosciusko County Courts:

  • US Bank National Association v. Timothy Godbey, Cromwell, $105,385.98

Superior Court II
The following traffic infractions have been filed in Kosciusko Superior Court II, Judge James Jarrette presiding:

  • Speeding – James Lanie, Michigan City, $143.50
    Failure of the occupant to use safety belt – Kelley Miller, Milford, $25; Terry Rosenbarger, Silver Lake, $25

Marriage Licenses
The following couples have applied for marriage licenses in the office of Kosciusko County Clerk of the Court Ann Torpy:

Darrin Gibbs, 47, Warsaw, and Nadine Gibbs, 46, Warsaw
Kenneth Eugene Leatherman, 66, Syracuse, and Donna Luann Yentes, 60, Syracuse
Vashishth Patel, 27, Warsaw, and Shivangi Trivedi, 27, Ontario, Canada
David Dickey, 34, Silver Lake, and Shannon Tuttle, 22, Warsaw
Jonathon Bingley, 27, Warsaw, and Leanne Miller, 26, Warsaw
Larry Priser, 49, Warsaw, and Noreen Courson, 49, Warsaw
Andres Cervantes, 37, Warsaw, and Leticia Vega, 30, Warsaw
Victor Diaz, 23, Milford, and Yesenia Ocon, 20, Milford
Jacob Hamilton, 20, Warsaw, and Tikayla Gilliam, 22, Warsaw
Devon Poe, 25, Milford, and Carrie Fry, 30, Warsaw
Richard Pawlicki, 25, Syracuse, and Hannah Deshon, 24, Dublin, Ohio

Marriage Dissolutions
The following couples have filed for marriage dissolutions in the Kosciusko Superior and Circuit courts:

Flannery — Stephen Flannery, Akron, and Misty Flannery, Akron. Married: March 29, 2000. Separated: July 5, 2013. There is one minor child.
Smith — Kevin Smith, Warsaw, and Alisha Smith, Warsaw. Married: Aug. 22, 2008. Separated: June 14, 2013. There is one minor child.
Cole — Brian Cole, Syracuse, Michelle Cole, Waterbury, Conn. Married: June 29, 2013. Separated: July 5, 2013. There are no minor children.
Ong — Sandra Ong, North Webster, Dillon Ong, Warsaw. Married: Dec. 1, 2012. Separated: March 3, 2013. There are no minor children.
Juillerat — Willard Juillerat, Claypool, and Robin Juillerat, Fort Wayne. Married: July 3, 2002. Separated: May 27, 2013. There are no minor children.



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