Woman In Custody After Assaulting Paramedics

Larelei Adele MounseyA Milford woman is in custody for allegedly assaulting paramedics trying to treat her for a prescription drug overdose.

According to officials, on June 7, Milford Police Department responded to an alleged drug overdose at the home of Lorelei Adele Mounsey, 34, of 402 W. First St., Milford. Upon arrival to the scene, police discovered Mounsey, who had slurred speech and difficulty understanding. Police were notified by a call from Mounsey’s husband that she had taken all of her prescription medication.

While EMS and EMTs were attempting to treat Mounsey, she became aggressive and battered them. Mounsey allegedly began swearing, yelling and threatening to kill both paramedics treating her. Mounsey then bit the female paramedic and struck her on the right side of her head.

According to Milford Town Marshall Rich Miotto, Mounsey turned herself in on a warrant for the incident. Mounsey was arrested for a class D felony of battery resulting in bodily injury and is being held on a bond of $5,000 at the Kosciusko County Jail.



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Woman In Custody After Assaulting Paramedics — 3 Comments

  1. Why save people who try to kill themselves? Let these people leave the Earth as they wish and maybe it will open up some jobs for the unemployed that want to be around.

  2. It doesn’t sound to me like she needs jail. It sounds like to me, she needs psychiatric help, and I’m not saying that in a derogatory way either. I’m just saying, it sounds like life is getting to her, and her mind is crying for help. We as a society now days, are so quick to get rid of someone, throw them in jail, and go on with our lives. Rather than trying to help our fellow people, because of the ways of life, and how they are hard for many to cope. Not everyone handles things the same way, and some just can’t handle it at all. Not everyone is the same, and if someone is acting out like this, they don’t need jailed, they need the help mentally, because obviously she can’t handle anymore. Why are we so cold hearted now? Why do we not care about one another anymore. It truly is a sad state of affairs. We spread so much hate, and spread this disease of not caring for one another, until finally our way of life and society can’t sustain and crumbles. That is why Jesus taught us what he did, because we are not supposed to be doing this to one another. You don’t just simply turn your back on someone that clearly isn’t able to deal with the way things are going in their lives. And if you don’t believe in God, you don’t have to in order to care for one another. It’s time to wake up, and start being human again. It’s time each of us one by one, start eradicating greed & selfishness. How can we possibly continue to grow as a whole, if we’re growing apart…

    • sadly if you knew this persons background…this isn’t her first round in jail. She’s very aware of who she is, and what she does.