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Small Claims
The following small claims have been awarded in Kosciusko Superior Court III, Judge Joe V. Sutton presiding:

  • Suburban Acres v. Amber and Deb Avery, Warsaw, $1,602
  • Kosciusko Community Hospital v. Ana Beck, Warsaw, $1,082.40; v. Pamela Bencze, Winona Lake, $963.30; v. Peggy Brubaker, Warsaw, $3,201.53; v. Rebecca Doty, Etna Green, $4,922.87; v. Kathartine Hiers, Warsaw, $1,848.11; v. Benjamin Lozano, Leesburg, $1,124.24; v. Gale Owens, Silver Lake, $2,231.81; v. Bobbie Roszak, Warsaw, $1,049.26; v. Timothy Schoettmer, Warsaw, $896.61; v. Stephen Skees, Atwood, 5,075.39; v. Kevin Sline, Pierceton, $4,875.97; v. Laura Wilder, Syracuse, $3,083.29; v. Kristin Zimmerman, Winona Lake, $2,788.46
  • Centennial Cellular Tri-State v. Lisa Clemons, Leesburg, $2,653.76; v. Hailey Drumm, Mentone, $1,930.14
  • Jian Zhen v. Judy Haywood, Warsaw, $4,093.98
  • Milford Meadows L.P. v. Kyle Henson, Warsaw, $1,973.84
  • Money Matters Pro Collections v. Kristie Lane, Warsaw, $2,804.13; v. Christy and Jason Marsillett, Warsaw, $406; v. Sheila Mauk Swinehart, Syracuse, $1,020.19; v. Adam and Barbara Sheets, Warsaw, $407.60; v. Arnold and Lois Tolson, Warsaw, $599
  • The Collection Company v. Bryan Stamper, Warsaw, $1,452.79
  • Communitywide Federal Credit Union v. Jon Swanson, Leesburg, $2,909.04
  • Green, Cates & Grossnickle LLP v. Ryan Taylor, Syracuse, $3,334.33

Civil Collections
The following civil collections have been awarded in Kosciusko County Courts:

  • LVNV Funding LLC v. William Creighton, Warsaw, $1,031.17; v. Donna Konkle, Warsaw, $644.91; v. Brian Mast, Syracuse, $1,251.84
  • Asset Acceptance v. Jeffrey Mercer, Warsaw, $2,733
  • Communitywide Federal Credit Union v. Curtis Reed, North Manchester, $10,871.09
  • Midland Funding v. Ryan Taylor, Syracuse, $1,650.01

Superior Court II
The following traffic infractions have been filed in Kosciusko Superior Court II, Judge James Jarrette presiding:

Failure of occupant to use safety belt – Daniel Hampton, Warsaw, $25


Marriage Licenses
The following couples have applied for marriage licenses in the office of Kosciusko County Clerk of the Court Ann Torpy:

Gary Spangle, 44, Claypool, and Maxine Haines, 50, Claypool
Adam Hunsberger, 22, Milford, and Beverly Rose Seward, 19, Milford
Douglas Clingerman, 36, Etna Green, and Amanda Hall, 23, Etna Green
Christopher Moss, 27, Claypool, and Teresa Surface, 44, Mentone
Richard Lechlitner, 25, Milford, and Bethany Brown, 25, Warsaw
Kyle Voirol, 23, Milford, and Kaytlyn Woodard, 21, Milford
William Bickerstaff II, 34, Warsaw, and Sheena Norris, 30, Warsaw
Gerardo Sanchez Jr., 22, Milford, and Hannah Signorelli, 20, Milford
Mitchell Price, 44, Milford, and Cindy Wharton, 44, Milford
Matthew Suddon, 26, Syracuse, and Freya Keyes, 23, Syracuse
Justin Matson, 30, Cromwell, and Tierney Skinner, 25, Cromwell
Mathew Streeter, 22, Winona Lake, and Cassandra Gareiss, 21, Columbia City
Luke Clark, 20, North Webster, and Katherine Allen, 20, Syracuse
Joshua Darling, 29, Warsaw, and Crystal Flamme, 23, Warsaw
Ronnie Prater, 39, Pierceton, and Jessica Pulley, 31, Warsaw
Gabriel Otero-Gonzales, 34, Warsaw, and Celinda Gonzales, 38, Warsaw

Marriage Dissolutions
The following couples have filed for marriage dissolutions in the Kosciusko Superior and Circuit courts:

Hughes — Carl Hughes, Silver Lake, and Vickie Lynn Hughes, Warsaw. Married: Oct. 4, 2012. Separated: June 17, 2013. There are no minor children.
Schumacher —  Christopher Schumacher, Winona Lake, and Kathryn Schumacher, Winona Lake. Married: Dec. 21, 1996. Separated: June 23, 2013. There is one minor child.
Rhoades — Tanesha Rhoades, North Webster, and Jeffery Rhoades, North Webster. Married: March 1, 2008. Separated: June 24, 2013. There is one minor child.
Miller-Schuh — Heather Miller, Atwood, and Daniel Schuh, Winona Lake. Married: Aug. 29, 2010. Separated: June 21, 2013. There are two minor children.
Clark — Cara Clark, Syracuse, and Jason Clark, Cromwell. Married: March 19, 2010. Separated: Feb. 25, 2013. There are two minor children.
Morr— Marchell Morr, Etna Green, and Patrick Morr, Etna Green. Married: Dec. 23, 1989. Separated: June 21, 2013. There are no minor children.
Pasillas-Arias — Cinthya Pasillas, Warsaw, and Jose Arias, Maltrata, Mexico. Married: Oct. 27, 2004. Separated: March 2010. There are two minor children.
Coy — Matthew Coy, Syracuse, and Taryn Coy, Syracuse. Married: Aug. 10, 2009. Separated: July 6, 2012. There is one minor child.
Miller — Richard Miller, Warsaw, and Robin Miller, Warsaw. Married: Nov. 18, 2004. Separated: Feb. 1, 2013. There are two minor children.
Zaugg — Hilary Zaugg, Warsaw, and Joshua Zaugg, Warsaw. Married: Sept. 3, 2011. Separated: Jan 14, 2013. There is one minor child.



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