Mother Charged With Withholding Insulin

Mary Gene Markley

Mary Gene Markley

Kosciusko County Prosecutor Dan Hampton has filed charges of felony child neglect against a Fort Wayne woman accused of withholding insulin for her diabetic child. The child slipped into a diabetic coma and was not expected to survive.

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department Detective J.D. Ayres conducted the investigation after an initial contact was made to Fort Wayne authorities by Lutheran Hospital on April 20 regarding a small child in critical condition. The child’s mother, Mary Gene Markley, 27, told investigators she checked her son’s insulin levels three times a day using an Accu Check Aviva meter. When officers checked the meters, which contain computer records of when they are used, they found it has not been used since April 16.

Investigators spoke with another adult who resides in the home who told them that on on the morning of April 20, the boy was very ill and vomiting. Markley asked Desirae Hamman to take to her to the pharmacy because she did not have any insulin for the child. The child was instead taken to Kosciusko Community Hospital and transferred to Lutheran in critical condition.

During the investigation, Hamman said that Markley and the child moved in with her on April 11 and at that time she observed two blood sugar test strips and two syringers, but she never saw insulin items in the trash and said she never observed Markley ever give the child a blood sugar test or administer insulin.

Markley is charged with C felony neglect of a dependent resulting in injury. She was being held at the Kosciusko County Jail on a $5,000 bond. The child’s well being is unknown, but could find no death notice.



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Mother Charged With Withholding Insulin — 11 Comments

  1. Now that THERE is one worthless piece of crap for a mother. I hope that child is recovering, and never has to go thru anymore pain and suffering. I can’t believe that a mother would/could do that to her own child. That poor baby has been suffering for who knows how long, and all at the hands of a person the poor kid thought was their protector. That makes me so infuriated. It’s too bad ‘lex talionis’ isn’t the way we do things around here. So she could get what’s coming to her…

  2. As a mother of 2 diabetic kids, there is simply no excuse for allowing a child to deteriorate into this condition. She should be charged with attempted murder. That poor baby has suffered horribly at the hands of the one person that should have been taking care of him/her. God bless this child.

  3. Praying for that little one!!!!! My 5 year old has been diabetic for almost one year and I feel I check him at least 10 times a day!!!! His health is more important than mine at times!!!! I felt something just not right with him and said that’s it the doctor checked him one year before he got it because he was constantly going to the bathroom not even doing full blood work and said no he’s fine!!!! And when my little boy couldn’t even play or wasn’t his self to the ER I go. Now I read everything I can about it!!!!! Praying for an artificial pancreas and wishing I could give him my own just so he wouldn’t have to suffer anymore!!!! God Bless and protect that angel. Mom rot in prison!!!

    • You’re a good mom. All mom’s should watch for the signals (ie, thirstiness, tired, going to the restroom often). Wishing you and your son only the best.

  4. That is absolutely disgusting. As a diabetic, it is a 24 hour 7 day a week job to keep your levels in control. I can’t believe a mother would do this to a poor innocent child. I know what the child went through, in the highs and lows of diabetes. The illnesses, the dizziness, fatigue, and everything else. She is a worthless P O S who obviously didn’t care, or wasn’t educated (thinking it’s no big deal). Well, it is a HUGE deal. She better hope this child survives, or she should be charged with murder 1, premeditation.

  5. All i can say is wow….she almost kills an innocent child and only gets a year and half probation, but people who have addiction problems are send away to prison for several years instead of getting help……what is wrong with this county