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promo-poster_finished-500x741Christopher Boghosian went down a few career paths before wholeheartedly diving into independent film production. Born in Los Angeles, he studied theater and sociology in college and began teaching upon graduation. Following his faith, he then enrolled in Fuller Theological Seminary, graduating in 2003 with a graduate degree in theology.

“As if that wasn’t enough, I entered law school. I enjoyed it, but realized I’d always long to make movies if I became a lawyer,” explained Boghosian. “I swallowed my pride and took some film and screen writing classes.”

It was in a screen writing class where he met his wife, Joletta Sells, a Silver Lake native. Throughout the years, the couple often traveled from California back to Silver Lake to visit family. It was these visits that finally inspired Boghosian to write a film script set locally.

This script is now set to become a feature film. Although he has produced other films, this will be Boghosian’s first romance. “Heart of Indiana” will be filmed this September around Warsaw and Wabash. The film will feature an original soundtrack by Crystal Gayle, award winning country singer with hits like “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” and youngest sister of Loretta Lynn. Gayle was raised in Wabash.


Crystal Gayle

“I’ve been out here many times and I’ve become enamoured with the country roads, farms and people,” explained Boghosian, who is currently in the area holding auditions, fundraising functions, networking and scouting. “My goal is for ‘Heart of Indiana’ to be a lighthearted, pure, love story with an artistic touch.”

The main setting of the film is an Indiana grain farm, where a gruff widow named Eugenia is bedridden. Her estranged son leaves her in the hands of Bernadette, a live-in caregiver who is as gifted at cooking as she is at caring for the sickly woman. Bernadette soon discovers another presence on the farm, Shane, Eugenia’s loyal farm hand. As Bernadette and Shane work alongside one another on the farm, they discover love is a phenomenon beyond their control.

Boghosian hopes to source local individuals for a variety of duties including acting, set construction, catering, transportation, visual art and music among other roles.

Auditions for five characters, four supporting roles and one main role, will be held in Wabash this Saturday, June 22. For more information on how to audition, click HERE.

“I know I’m going to discover some amazing talent here locally,” said Boghosian. “I’m not necessarily looking for transitional actors, but people comfortable in front of a camera.”

Additional roles in “Heart of Indiana” will be casted by Hollywood casting director Emily Schweber. With credits including “Titanic” and “The Green Mile,” Boghosian says Schweber is excited to cast the film with both established and emerging actors.

“It’s very huge to have Emily on board,” said Boghosian. “She’ll be able to let prominent actors know this film is worthy of their attention.”

With filming set to take place in September, Boghosian hopes to submit “Heart of Indiana” to film festivals in summer 2014 and officially release the film in 2015.

“It is a pure, love story. A simple story, but with tremendous depth of character,” said Boghosian. “I am very committed to this area and I foresee this not being my last film set in Indiana.”

For more information about the film, see the “Heart of Indiana” website.



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