Goodwill Moving, Third McDonald’s Proposed

Warsaw City Planner Jeremy Skinner told this morning that Goodwill Industries is among the retail businesses building a new store in the Anchorage Point Subdivision, and another McDonald’s restaurant will likely be completed by the end of the year.

The 7-lot Anchorage Point development, which is located on Anchorage Road across from Meijer, was approved by the city in September. It will include mostly retail businesses and some offices. The first to commit and begin the building process is Goodwill Industries. Skinner said the store has purchased the largest lot in the subdivision and construction is underway.

The six remaining lots are all commercial and could include more restaurants, retail businesses and commercial offices.

In another announcement, Skinner said McDonald’s has begun the permitting process to build a restaurant at U.S. 30 and Detroit Street in the lot just south of Steak ‘n Shake. “They are doing everything kind of backward as far as the permits, like getting a sign permit before submitting a site plan,” he said, “but it will probably be finished by the end of the year.”



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Goodwill Moving, Third McDonald’s Proposed — 9 Comments

  1. Where is Anchorage Point Subdivision? Meyer’s? Wasn’t there 2 other businesses going in there? Staples & a Panda Express?

      • Best Buy isn’t failing…their equities, income, and assets continue to grow every year. It’s businesses that rent movies and games that are mainly failing in the electronic business because of the easy access of pirating stuff online.

  2. Another McDonalds? Just what Warsaw needs, NOT. Why can’t Warsaw get something else like an Olive Garden or a Cracker Barrell??

    • Because our McDonald’s in this city are making big bucks. Should people in Warsaw decide to stop breaking through McDonald’s doors at the current 2 locations, then a 3rd would not have been proposed.

      (Both stores are averaging nearly $4 Million in sales each, when the average McDonald’s is averaging about half that..the current locations were not built to handle that capacity.)

  3. I agree, couldn’t we get ANYTHING besides another McDonald’s? If it has to be cheap fast food, couldn’t it be Fazoli’s, Chipotle, Five Guys or oo! While we’re dreaming, what about an In-N-Out Burger?