Kosciusko County Court News

Small Claims
The following small claims have been awarded in Kosciusko Superior Court III, Judge Joe V. Sutton presiding:

  • Rockhill Pinnick LLP v. Kevin Anderson, Mentone, $1,995.27
  • Capital One Bank N. A. v. Teresa Applegate, North Manchester, $1,555.90; v. Oren Collins III, Warsaw, $908.87; v. Shane Combs, Silver Lake, $3,607.28
  • Turkey Creek Fire Territory v. Karissa Auer, Syracuse, $1,429.40
  • Kosciusko Community Hospital v. Andrew Bolinger, Warsaw, $5,416.52; v. Eddie Dawson, Warsaw, $4,032.71; v. Karen Frantz, Warsaw, $3,168.02; v. Ronald Hensley, Warsaw, $9,303.54; v. Brian Julian, Claypool, $1,275.26; v. Kyle King, Warsaw, $2,484.12; v. Anthony Kring, Etna Green, $1,790.64; v. Jeffrey Kuczewski, Leesburg, $1,031.19; v. Michael Lane, Warsaw, $1,180.03; v. Aubrey Pfister, Warsaw, $1,996.06; v. Brandon Rice, Warsaw, $4,184.91; v. Chad Silveus, Winona Lake, $1,903.09; v. Bobby Staumbaugh, Mentone, $1,102.36
  • Taylor Law Office v. Amber Brinegar, Warsaw, $1,334.30
  • Warsaw Community Schools Corporation v. Sherri Brock, Warsaw, $264.65
  • LVNV Funding v. James Crater, Warsaw, $1,021.50; v. Douglas Hughes, Warsaw, $928.16
  • Allen, Charles and Chanda v. Homer Hall, Warsaw, $2,285
  • The Car Company v. Tracy and Vincent Hatfield, Syracuse, $602
  • Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church Inc. v. Marilyn Blackburn Family Trust, North Webster, $1,390
  • Green Cates % Grossnickle LLP v. Matthew Meinert, Etna Green, $1,743.17
  • Centennial Cellular Tri-State v. Matthew Miller, Warsaw, $1,289.55; v. Erinn Pinnick, Pierceton, $1,805.30
  • LVNV Funding v. Chris Phipps, Warsaw, $1,378.40; v. Kelly Townsend, Warsaw, $3,105.234
  • John Russell v. Beverly and John Rogers, Silver Lake, $4,095.24
  • Tim E. Lowman v. Marshall Slone, Warsaw, $742

Civil Collections
The following civil collections have been awarded in Kosciusko County Courts:

  • Midland Funding v. Erin Beatty, Etna Green, $1,006.01; v, Brandon Cordell, Warsaw, $2,224.62; v. Jerry Davis, Syracuse, $1,256.36
  • Teacher’s Credit Union v. Brian and Marcia Goodman, Warsaw, $2,708.53
  • NCEP LLC v. Conception and Crispin Hermosillo, Milford, $9,303.54; v. Eric Teune, Warsaw, $13,478.11
  • Capital One Bank v. Martin Hernandez, Warsaw, $705.39
  • PNC Bank v. Aaron Long, Etna Green $1,452.95; v. Maynard Muller, Nappanee, $23,618.34; v. Brandi Phillips, Pierceton, $1,341.32
  • LVNV Funding v. Lisa Mast, Nappanee, $1,249.07; v. Brian Schneidewent, Warsaw, $1,459.54
  • Beneficial Indiana v. Susan Phillips, Cromwell, $12,182.92
  • Helvey & Associates v. Steven Reeves, Warsaw, $612.92
  • Main Street Acquisition Corp. v. Sally Shepherd, Mentone, $4,832.82
  • Communitywide Federal Credit Union v. Heather Sizemore, Warsaw, $6,911.79
  • Discover Bank v. Nichole Swain, Warsaw, $17,329.78

Mortgage Foreclosures
The following mortgage foreclosures have been awarded in Kosciusko County Courts:

  • Suntrust Mortgage v. Joshua Carter, Mentone, and Steven Petty, Warsaw, $202,480.19
  • PNC Bank, N. A. v. Barbara and Donald Drudge, Silver Lake, $90,560.82; v. William Hyde, Pierceton, $104,141.77
  • BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP v. Chad Fulk, Claypool, $148,732.31
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank, N. A. Marc Redding, Winona Lake, $151,425.38; v. Wendy Steller, Warsaw, $65,263.75
  • First Federal Savings Bank v. Angie and Edwin Rodriguez, $158,842.66

Superior Court II
The following traffic infractions have been filed in Kosciusko Superior Court II, Judge James Jarrette presiding:

  • Failure of occupant to use safety belt – Jack Rife, Warsaw, $25; Jacqueline Burnworth, Warsaw, $25; Cody Orr, Warsaw, $25; Richard Roose, Milford, $25; Terry Shumpert, Leesburg, $25; Eugene Hundt, Plymouth, $25; Larry Dowty, Milford, $25; Steffen Homme, Warsaw, $25; Joseph Smith, Warsaw, $25; Adam Guy, North Webster, $25
  • Speeding – Humberto Carrillo Perez, Fort Wayne, $128.50; Vanessa Malagon, Warsaw, $143.50; David Guzman, Fort Wayne, $123.50; Tod Wirebaugh, Warsaw, $189
  • No valid driver’s license – Marco Garcia Rodriguez, Fort Wayne, $123.50; Ivan Gonzalez, Cromwell, $123.50

Marriage Licenses
The following couples have applied for marriage licenses in the office of Kosciusko County Clerk of the Court Ann Torpy:

Caleb Cherry, 25, Warsaw, and Brittany Baker, 18, Warsaw
Paul Trolian, 45, Warsaw, and Dawn Foreman, 47, Warsaw

Marriage Dissolutions
The following couples have filed for marriage dissolutions in the Kosciusko Superior and Circuit courts:

Shoemaker — Jerett Shoemaker, Warsaw, and Whitney Shoemaker, Warsaw. Married: Jan. 17, 2009. Separated: June 1, 2013. There is one minor child.
Shelton — Pamela Shelton, Pierceton, and Brian Shelton, Forsyth, Ga. Married: Feb. 26, 2005. Separated: May 27, 2013. There is one minor child.
Frenger — Scott Frenger, Etna Green, and April Frenger, Oakley, Calif. Married: July 22, 2011. Separated: May 22, 2012. There are no minor children.
Hall — Shana Hall, Warsaw, and Jerry Hall, South Bend. Married: March 27, 2008. Separated: August 2011. There are two minor children.
Trump — Jeffery Trump, Pierceton, and Della Trump, Pierceton. Married: May 25, 2000. Separated: May 2008. There are no minor children. 
Harness — Tiffany Harness, Warsaw, and Vincent Harness, Oneida, Tenn. Married: March 4, 2011. Separated: Aug. 9, 2012. There are no minor children.
Clabaugh — Thomas Clabaugh, Plymouth, and Sherry Clabaugh, Etna Green. Married: June 10, 2000. Separated: June 27, 2010. There are no minor children.



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