Man Admits To Sex With Minor

Alexander James Hall

Alexander James Hall

Two B felony charges of child molesting have been filed against a Ligonier man accused of having sexual intercourse with a 12-year-old girl.

Alexander James Hall, 20, of 1218 Lincolnway W., Ligonier, was arrested Friday after an Indiana State Police investigation. Police were notified that a sexual relationship between Hall and the 12-year-old girl took place in Warsaw. Although Hall initially told ISP Officer Chad Sherwood that the girl told him she was 17, he also said he believed her to be younger. He also said he had sexual intercourse with her at least twice after he discovered the girl’s real age.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the girl ran away from her mother’s home in Goshen in April and was found at Hall’s home in Ligonier. The girl’s father alerted police after learning of the relationship between his daughter and Hall.

When questioned by police, Hall said the sexual intercourse occurred in March at a residence in Hideaway Hills, Warsaw. Hall further admitted that he received a text message from the girl’s sister telling him she was only 12 and that he needed to bring her home, but they had sex at least two more times.

Hall is being held in the Kosciusko County Jail on a $20,000 surety bond.



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Man Admits To Sex With Minor — 6 Comments

  1. What a sick person what is wrong with this world anymore I hope these people never have kids how would they fill if it was their daughter or son they would be mad sick sick sick

  2. I am the person in hide away hills that let them come here and she was more than willing to have sex with him.. He is not that kind of person and we were all told at least 6 people were told besides Alex she was 17 years old Alex I know you can’t see this but I got you bro

    • The problem lies in the fact that she stated she was 12 to him and he kept having sex with her. This is a child a 12 YEAR old child and a 20 year old man tell me again who is in the wrong???? And in truth you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this to happen in your home. How would you feel if this was your daughter that was having sex with a 20 something year old man?

  3. There is NEVER and I mean Never any reason for a man to have sexual encounter with a child !! What is wrong with our Adults . It stated that he even thought she was younger but the creep still continued to have sex . And the Gaul of an adult sticking up for this person tryn to make it right is just as sick as the man that did this.

  4. They are both in the wrong here.. that little girl is a liar and should be punished for that just like he is being punished for having sex with her… it takes two to tango correct?? And he is in the wrong for doing this after he found out about her age. This is really sick on both of their behalfs.