Local Man Hurt In Michigan Accident

StaceyPageOnline.com has learned from friends of the Belcher family that Johnny Belcher, 41, of Warsaw, is in critical condition following a Sunday motorcycle accident in Michigan.

One individual told us that Belcher is suffering from bleeding to the brain, a shattered cheek bone and a broken wrist and femur. He has already undergone surgery on one eye to alleviate a blood clot.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, the accident happened at about 1:08 p.m. Sunday on M-60 near Ann Arbor. The report indicates witnesses saw Belcher run a red light and drive into the the front tire of a Ford F-250 pickup truck.

Belcher was not wearing a helmet.

In January, Belcher was driving along CR 800 West near Nappanee when an argument between he and his son, Jerry Belcher, 21, ensued. Jerry Belcher jumped from his father’s moving vehicle and was also critically injured. (See story)

Jerry Belcher passed away two months later from his injuries.



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Local Man Hurt In Michigan Accident — 11 Comments

  1. Please leave Jerry’s story out of what is happening to Johnny !! We are trying to heal and we don’t need to be reminded of the accident !! We are reliving everything as it is with my brother !! ~ Teresa Belcher

  2. Yea i second that. I am one of his brothers and i wont put up with that. Please take that off

    • What are you going to do about it? Seriously, what will you do, since she’s not going to take it down?

  3. I see you have mentioned he was not wearing a helmet…. why? It seems somehow to imply that he is to blame for his injuries, Shame on you for putting that in this article. The color of his socks have the same relevance to this story as the helmet does.

    • How is it not relevant to the story? I’m sure if he was wearing a helmet some damage could have been prevented. Also, stating he was not wearing a helmet does not, in any way, imply that he was to blame for his injuries.

      These comments are almost as bad as YouTube’s…..

  4. Are you heartless? These people, who are close friends to my family are dealing with enough. Please keep Jerry out of anything that comes up for Johnny. It is hard enough that they lost Jerry and have to watch their; brother, uncle, son, and friend suffer from his injuries. So please remove or rewrite this story.

  5. then you need to contact the all the MEDIA, because its all over, even on TV, not just here. People, who followed Jerry’s story, are well acquainted to the Belcher family…..and prayers are needed……….from everywhere! Keep reporting Stacey, the facts. Some of us, only get the Kosciusko News from Your site.

  6. She reported this just like any othee news report. Every motorcycle accident says whether they were wearing a helmet or not and any recent news relevant or linking the same people is inserted so people recognize where they have heard the names before. I dont think she was trying to be insensitive.

  7. I don’t believe the news need be censored to protect anyones feelings. Facts are facts and every serious car accident usually is reported with details regarding the wearing of seatbelts and how they relate to injuries. It sould be no different with motorcycle incidents.
    Many people don’t realize Michigan recently had helmet laws requiring all motorcyclists to wear head protection. The law has changed,now only those under 21 need wear one. This is a touchy issue in many states as riders feel they have the right to do without. That’s their choice.
    Just as the website has a right to report the facts. If you don’t feel comfortable reading matter of fact truth, go elsewhere. I have known Johnny since I was a kid, and I believe he would agree with me.

  8. To the Belcher Family: My thoughts have been with Johnny and Mrs. Belcher since the day I came upon the scene of the accident. I am pleased to find this site as I was wondering what happened after I watched the ambulance leave. Although critical, I am glad to hear Johnny is continuing to fight for life! Mrs. Belcher, the love and fear you expressed for Johnny on Sunday is a true testimony of your relationship. As I told you that day; Take a deep breath and stay strong for Johnny. More now then ever he will need your strength in his recovery. My prayers have been with everyone.

  9. I am sorry for the family and what they are going through. But SPO cannot leave things out, or change the news to suit your family. Reporters jobs are to report unbiased news….the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is extremely relevant if he was or was not wearing a helmet. Would it have prevented any of his injuries? Most likely yes but that is not for any of us to say. If only one motorcycle rider who does not currently wear a helmet reads this article and changes their mind to wear a helmet on future rides then I would say stacey page hurting everyones feelings was well worth it. I do pray that this man heals both physically and emotionally from all that he has been through.