ATV Crash Hospitalizes Claypool Boy

Indiana Conservation Officers were investigating an ATV accident that happened Friday in Claypool and sent a 13-year-old boy to the hospital with a head injury.

ICOs were called at 3:30 p.m. Friday to 466 E. 700 S., Claypool, where Mason Johnson, 13, was riding an ATV on his property. Johnson attempted to jump a ramp and, upon landing, the ATV nose-dived into the ground and flipped over. Johnson was thrown from the vehicle and struck his head on the ground.

The boy was wearing a helmet and goggles, which investigating officer Nathan Hooley credits with dramatically lessening his injuries and possibly even saving his life. Johnson was initially treated at Kosciusko Community Hospital and diagnosed with a concussion. He was later transferred to a Fort Wayne Hospital for further tests and treatment.

Officer Hooley said, “Mason’s injuries, while serious, were without a doubt lessened by his wearing of a protective helmet.”

One of the most common injuries sustained in ATV accidents are head injuries where the victim does not wear a helmet and is seriously injured, or worse. As school is set to let out across the state and the warm weather is upon us, ATV activity and use will sky rocket. Accidents and injuries do not have to, however.

Conservation officers encourage everyone to wear a helmet, ride responsibly, and ride with a friend.



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ATV Crash Hospitalizes Claypool Boy — 1 Comment

  1. Just a comment on KCH’s standard of care here. I came into the waiting room to pick some one up, and the young man was sitting in a wheel chair with his family around him. He was vomiting, and was very drowsy. It appeared as if the staff at this hospital had no concerns. As the widow of an EMT, it has been my understanding that head trauma requires immediate medical care. I feel so badly for this family, but it just confirms my convictions that I will go to another hospital for care regardless of how far away it may be.