Weather Radio Programming Event

Weather radios are a potentially life-saving tool that every home should have. Severe weather can happen any time of the day, but if it happens when you are sleeping, how will you know until it is too late?

The alarm on a weather radio will go off when a warning is issued for your area to alert you about the approaching weather.

For those who have purchased a weather radio but could not get the device programmed or who wish to purchase a weather radio and have it programmed, an opportunity will be available in Warsaw tomorrow.

Hoosier Lakes Amateur Radio Club will be programming weather radios from 7 a.m. to noon, Saturday at the Warsaw Walgreens, located at Center Street and Argonne Road.

Weather radios are equipped with a battery back up system, so batteries will be needed for the programming.

Walgreens will also have the radios for sale in both desktop and more portable handheld models.

Tornado sirens are meant to be an outdoor warning system so many people may not be able to hear them while inside their homes, particularly when they are asleep. In Evansville, 24 people were killed approximately seven years ago, when a tornado came through at 2 a.m. when they were sleeping.

Kosciusko County Emergency Management arranges the volunteers to program the weather radios. Many of them are ham radio operators and/or Storm Spotters.



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