The Big Potato Meets The Big Egg

Big Idaho Potato

The Great Big Idaho® Potato Truck has embarked on its second cross-country tour and it’s set to roll into Mentone on Thursday, May 16.

The World’s Largest Potato on Wheels is set to travel more than 22,000 miles on its 7-month journey to raise funds and awareness for Meals on Wheels.

In 2012, the Idaho Potato Commission built a larger-than-life version of the vintage Idaho potato postcard in celebration of the IPC’s 75th anniversary. The spud weighs in at 6 tons – or the equivalent of 32,346 medium-sized Idaho® potatoes – and certainly demands attention as it promotes the oldest and largest national organization dedicated to helping end senior hunger.

From about 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, the world’s largest potato will displayed next to the world’s largest egg in Mentone. The public is invited to come out and see the display and visit with the crew.

“Last year the Great Big Idaho® Potato Truck became a national sensation. We’ve received thousands of emails and calls from folks across the country asking when and where they can see the truck, and we’re thrilled it’s back on the road,” said Frank Muir, president and CEO of IPC.

If the potato were real, it would take more than 10,000 years to grow, 2 years and 9 months to bake, and would make 30,325 servings of mashed potatoes and more than 1.4 million average-size fries.

The Great Big Idaho® Potato Truck was created and built by Chris Schofield and Sharolyn Spruce of Weiser, Idaho. With the help of a few specialized contractors, they spent an entire year designing and building the vehicle. The Kenworth Sales Company and Western Trailer, both based in Boise, Idaho, also aided with the construction.

During the potato’s 22,000-mile journey, it will make dozens of stops including those at the National Football Hall of Fame, the College Baseball World Series and, in addition to visiting the World’s Largest Egg in Mentone, it will also make a special visit to the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle.

More information on The Great Big Idaho® Potato Truck and the cross-country tour can be found at



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