Bring-A-Friend To Dance Class At Collier’s


Pictured are students and their friends enjoying a Movement class during National Dance Week. (Photo provided)

Debra Collier’s School of Dance is excited to be holding Bring-A-Friend Week to help National Dance Week achieve its mission to “celebrate dance and promote fun fitness.”

“We enjoy sharing our love of dance with our students and are proud to see them sharing it with their friends,” says studio owner Deb Collier. “It is so much in the spirit of what we are about. Joining dancers and our community together with the universal appeal of dance.”

Debra Collier’s School of Dance has been a part of the Warsaw community for over 35 years and is proud to be a representative for National Dance Week, the non-profit organization founded in 1981 to gain greater recognition for dance as an art form.

Bring-A-Friend week and NDW are the kick off of a month of exciting activities at Debra Collier’s School of Dance. The studio is offering free Dance Trance Fitness classes during the month of May and free Pilates Reformer classes on Saturday, May 11. Both fitness programs are new to the Warsaw area and will now be offered at the studio year-round.

“It is so important in today’s society for people – especially children – to shut off their computers and TVs and find activities that motivate them to keep moving,” concludes Deb. “Dance is a fun way to start and our studio is committed to providing a positive environment for kids and adults to experience that. We offer an Intro to Dance program called ‘Get Up and Dance’ that is open for children ages 5 and up to try any time. They can attend a free class and see what dance is all about.”

For more information about National Dance Week or Debra Collier’s School of Dance, contact the studio at 574-267-7055.



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