Jail Bookings

Kosciusko County
The following individuals were recently booked into the Kosciusko County Jail:
April 22, 2013

  • Jeffrey Allen Evans, 48, 1817 Rosemont Ave., Warsaw, arrested for failure to register as a sex offender. No bond noted
  • Misty Dawn Juarez, 28, 2441 W. 250 S., Warsaw, arrested for battery. No bond noted
  • Connie J. Slusher, 54, 907 Oak Brook Pl., Warsaw, arrested for dealing/ delivering/manufacturing methamphetamine over 3 grams. No bond noted

April 21, 2013

  • Tressie Renee Blocher, 22, 427 S. High St. Apt. A, Warsaw, arrested for OWI. Bond: $15,000
  • Jose Louis Ocha, 52, 1692 E. 200 N., Warsaw, arrested for OWI and having no valid license. Bond: $550
  • Donaver Lemont Jones, 42, 3715 Harrison St., Gary, arrested for aiding or inducing forgery. Bond: $2,000
  • Kenny Ray Stout, 33, 120 4th St., Manchester, arrested for probation violation. Bond: $1,250
  • Delanie Jones, 43, 909 Rose St. Apt. B, LaPorte, arrested for identity deception and probation violation. Bond: $2,000
  • Michael Daniel Adams, 32, 107 Lakeview Dr. Apt. A, Winona Lake, arrested for public intoxication. Bond: $300

April 20, 2013

  • Robert Castle, 51, 312 W. Porter St., Warsaw, arrested for habitual traffic violator. Bond: $5,000
  • Lance Ronnie Boswell Jr., 28, 2679 Joseph Cox Ct., Columbus, Ind., arrested for resisting law enforcement with force or a deadly weapon. Bond: $2,000
  • Trevor Scott Brown, 27, 8533 Asbury Ln., North Webster, arrested for battery resulting in serious bodily injury and resisting law enforcement. Bond: $5,000
  • Bradley Ray Edwards, 32, 501 N. Dolan Dr., Syracuse, arrested for OWI with a BAC of.08 to .15 percent. Bond: $550
  • Tanya Lee toth, 38, 501 N. Lake St., Warsaw, arrested for possession of marijuana, false informing during the commission of a crime and interfering with reporting of a crime. Bond: $450
  • Gary Lee Miller, 57, 323 N. Lake St., Warsaw, arrested for false informing during the commission of a crime, failure to provide information following an accident and on an active warrant. Bond: $500
  • Matthew Scott Saunders, 55, 451 W. Market St., Nappanee, arrested for failure to stop after an accident and driving while suspended. Bond: $1,000
  • Mario Castillo Castillo, 35, 2058 E. Old Rd. 30, Warsaw, arrested for failure to appear on a misdemeanor, probation violation and OWI with a BAC of .15 percent or greater. Bond: $5,500
  • Michael Jack Williams, 31, 1106 N. Long Dr., Syracuse, arrested for OWI per se. Bond: $550

April 19, 2013

  • Aaron Gonzalez, 30, 3757 N. 900 W., Leesburg, arrested for OWI with a Schedule I or II substance causing serious bodily injury. No bond
  • Allen Kent Holden, 41, 916 S. Harding St., Syracuse, arrested for OWI. Bond: $550
  • Sonya Kay Caudill, 45, 501 N. Orange St., Albion, arrested for check deception. Bond: $200

April 18, 2013

  • Kenneth D. Mounsey, 47, 402 W. First St., Milford, arrested for battery, intimidation and possession of an altered handgun. Bond: $2,000
  • Marvin Grabiel Zuniga-Villeda, 22, 920 Anchorage Rd., Warsaw, arrested for operator never licensed. Bond: $350
  • Justin Wade Siede, 21, 9752 S. Pheasant Pl., Claypool, arrested for possession of marijuana. Bond: $450
  • Victor Robin Vanier, 44, 205 S. First St., Pierceton, arrested for parole violation. No bond
  • Tabitha Linn Johnson, 33, 121 E. Branning, Fort Wayne, arrested for auto theft. Bond: $25,000
  • Samantha Jo Skeens, 26, 5806 S. Maple Grove Ln., Warsaw, arrested for possession of chemical regeants/precursors with intent to manufacture methamphetamine. Bond: $2,000




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