Carson Kerlin Joins SPO As Junior Reporter

Carson Kerlin

Carson Kerlin, a fourth grader at Eisenhower Elementary School, will be providing readers with a glimpse at school life and events. Kerlin will gain experience in writing news releases and creating news videos through his work. is proud to announce the newest member of our reporting team.

Starting Thursday, March 28, Carson Kerlin, a fourth-grade student at Eisenhower Elementary, will be helping bring current school news and weekend weather reports to members of the Kosciusko County community.

What Kerlin lacks in age and size he more than makes up for in his outgoing nature and incredible ambition. Though he is only 9 years old, Kerlin has the interests and talents of those three times his age.

Boasting three years of violin and piano training as well as membership as a Webelo in his local Cub Scout chapter, Kerlin immensely enjoys United States history – especially events pertaining to the Civil and Revolutionary wars.

Kerlin’s love of history, while seemingly unprecedented in children his age, has inspired him to pursue his life dream of becoming a Civil War re-enactor. Kerlin stated he has already taken place in one re-enactment and has many of the historical props and uniforms associated with his favorite historical events.

Though Kerlin’s love for history has been a major driving force in his interests, he also has a few other goals in mind. When asked what his dream job would be, Kerlin paused for a moment and said, “I want to either run the family business (Kerlin Motor Company), become a farmer, or get a combined MBA law degree like Perry Mason.”

When the ambitious Eisenhower student was asked why he wanted to become a junior reporter, he responded, “Publicity, I want to become known. I just want people to know I’m one of the only kids in America who loves history and has all the [historical] clothes and knowledge.”

Kerlin’s articles and video segments will be featured bi-weekly and will feature upcoming events and student interest at Eisenhower Elementary School. Kerlin will also be providing a weekend weather forecastĀ for Kosciusko County.

Through his work with, Kerlin will gain knowledge of writing news articles, learn to interview sources, and create basic news videos for the public eye. His first article will appear Friday.

If you know a local student or school who is interested in becoming a Junior Reporter, contact [email protected].



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