Torpy Has Plans For The Future

Ann TorpyKosciusko County Clerk Ann Torpy, who took over the elected position on March 19 after winning a caucus vote over Christopher Sanders, is not only local, but has been working for the courts for many years.

“I started here after high school as a part-time employee,” Torpy explained. “This is all I’ve ever really had, I’ve always worked here.

She was hired into a full-time position in 1996 and appointed chief deputy in 2001. She’d helped with voter registration, digitization of the election process and, during her 12 years as chief deputy, she worked directly beneath former clerks Sharon Christner and Jason McSherry.

“I think what really helped me is my experiences here,” Torpy said. “I was involved in everything that the clerk did.”

Although Torpy had planned to eventually run for the office in 2016 when McSherry’s two terms would have expired, the opportunity arose early so she took it.

“This was really sprung on me, it wasn’t planned,” Torpy said.

Torpy’s replacement as chief deputy will be Melissa Boggs, who will take office on April 8. Boggs has been a courts employee alongside Torpy virtually since the time she started.

“We just see things the same, as far as how the office functions and how it should function,” Torpy explained. Aside from replacing her old position, Torpy intends to keep the same staff McSherry had during his time in office noting, “We have a good staff.”

Although, for the most part, Torpy appreciates the way the clerk’s office runs, she does have a few changes she is hoping to implement during her time. While McSherry was in office, the office began allowing credit and debit card payments. Even more digitization will likely be one of the efforts of her time in office. The process of scanning documents has already begun and is expected to continue.

“It would be wonderful if we didn’t have all these court files,” Torpy stated. “If everything was right in front of us, we could just print out what they need. I think that’s something we need to work toward.”

Aside from digitization of the clerk’s office, Torpy hopes to continue professional relations with other court offices and people involved in court affairs.



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