Three Arrested In Raid On Atwood Business

Todd Swanson

Todd A. Swanson

Todd Swanson

Todd J. Swanson

UPDATE: On Sept. 16, 2014, all criminal charges against Todd A. Swanson, were dismissed.

Three men were jailed on drug charges after Kosciusko County Sheriff’s deputies and officers of the Warsaw Police Department raided an Atwood business.

Uniformed and undercover officers went to Atwood Auto Sales, 205 Main St., Atwood, just before 3 p.m. Friday and executed a search warrant. The search located numerous pills, Schedule I narcotics and a small amount of marijuana.

Arrested were Todd Alan Swanson, 47, Warsaw, owner of the auto dealership. He was preliminarily charged with felony possession of a Schedule I narcotic and felony maintaining a common nuisance. He was booked on a $2,000 bond.

Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson

Swanson’s son, Todd James Swanson, 26, Warsaw, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. His bond was set at $455.

A third person, Travis James Johnson, 36, Warsaw, was also arrested and preliminarily charged with visiting a common nuisance.

Both Swansons have since posted bond while Johnson is still currently incarcerated in the Kosciusko County Jail with a $355 bond.

The Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Drug Task Force was assisted by officers from the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department, Warsaw City Drug and Narcotic Task Force and the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office.



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Three Arrested In Raid On Atwood Business — 18 Comments

  1. That’s a shame!! Born and raised in Warsaw and Todd fixed our car more than once? And I hear about this from 90 miles away? Thanks Stacey! But still, with all that’s going on in my home town, shouldn’t they be more worried about all the meth there?? Just saying…..cops aren’t very busy, or they’re bored

    • I agree with Tammy…Todd is a dam good mechanic and has painted a lot of THE Harleys and peoples cars and trucks…

  2. Who cares people why don’t u people try to keep ur nose to urself the world would be a much better place without all u know it alls I guess what I’m saying keep ur nose to URSELF it’s none of ur damn bissness bottom line!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why not start doing stings on some bar owners and other car lots and garages…or better yet go to THE chicken and turkey farms and get the Mexicans that are bringing the stuff here answered catch the illegals that I am sure are every where in Warsaw…
    Copa have it on on some ppl and they will do anything to get the little fish and not the doctors that over perscribe pain pills and adderals….

  4. Well no kidding genius we know now y ur putting ur nose in it hu Joshua all it takes is common sence their genius y don’t u learn what that is then come runn off at the mouth some more like I said earlier keep ur nose to urself had u done so maybe u wouldent have just made urself look like such a GENIUS!!!!!!! Lol some people my my

  5. Now if only they would put as much effort into finding the missing Shoemaker girl and the murderer Omar Mora. Why does it seem like someone using drugs is an all units call, but when we come home and walk in on 3 armed burglars 1 unit shows up 45 minutes later?

  6. This is ridiculous and people wonder what is wrong with this community just because you can paint and fix cars so greatly doesn’t make you a good person pills can be just as bad as meth I actually have seen more pill addicts in this town people are losing there life’s and everything from it they all need to be caught and arrested and not just turn your eye because they are good mechanics or painters pills are the #1 abused drug I doubt you would be to happy if these guys were selling them to your kids and if you didn’t care then you need wake up and look around because they are bad just like meth

  7. Brown12 I think you need to chill out and think about what you said for pointing people out on what they said its there belief and we do have the right to say what ever we want if they didnt want to be talked about then they shouldn’t have sold the drugs and stick to what there so great for they have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT THEMSELVES

  8. WOW! If someone, especially a business owner is selling drugs in our community it is very much our business! Clearly people who are defending this business owner are their friends. I for one give the police props for this arrest. Whatever it takes to stop the drug use in our community, I am all for it!

    • Then stay out of all bars and some delivery pizza joints and tattoo places….Not saying all do but I do know a lot of workers and owners in some places…
      Why not drug test any owner that’s applying for liquor and beer licensing….

  9. Very well put k doll it is a huge problem in this community and it needs to be stopped the laws need to be more strict instead so there not right back out on the street doing it again

  10. I for one don’t care if they own a business or what they do just because you own a business doesn’t change who you are this just happen to be business that got busted if it was some junky that didnt have a job or anything it wouldn’t change my thoughts about them and if my kid were making meth you bet your butt I will do as much as I can to stop them but there is only so much you can do to stop a kid with in the law and if my kid was doing drugs and got arrested I will tell him the same thing you have no one to blame but yourself and maybe this will wake you up quit making excuses for these business owners because if there is other ones out there selling them there time will come and they will be busted also I have heard plenty about Atwood auto sales from multiple people but I will not go there and every other business that sells controlled substances will hopefully have there day come also just like Atwood auto sales did after so many years