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Small Claims

The following small claims have been awarded in Kosciusko Superior Court III, Judge Joe V. Sutton presiding:

  • LVNV Funding, LLC v. Dennis Andrews, Etna Green, $3,053.74; v. Jonathan Bell, Nappanee, $1,537.18; v. Robin Lehman, Syracuse, $875.24; Arlie Rowe, Silver Lake, $1,059.84
  • Firstsource Advantage LLC v. Timothy Botts, Syracuse, $3,178.26
  • Snow and Sauerteig LLP v. Paula Bright, Warsaw, $3,178.26; v. Mary Cotner, Warsaw, $6,092.00; v. Brenda Billey, Mentone, 4799.95; v. Sandra Hall, Warsaw, $605.42; v. Thania Harris, Warsaw, $1,399.48; Matthew Hohman, Warsaw, $1,171.56; v. Brandi Hunter, Warsaw, $1,913.97; v. Matthew Klosowski, Warsaw, $2,238.11; v. Michelle Klosowski, Warsaw, 1,274.51; v. Timothy Kugler, Goshen, $1,502.60; v. Khrystal, Leasure, Milford, $854.70; v. Shatonna Leavitt, Warsaw, $2131.16; v. Crystal Long, Warsaw, $2,494.40; William McCleary, Warsaw, $6,092.00; v. Natalie Mullins, Claypool, $650.46; Jeffrey Palazzolo, North Webster, $ 1,429.16; v. Kent Raypholtz, Silver Lake, $5,227.33; v. Bernard Shepard, Claypool, $714.62; v. Adam Trueblood, Nappanee, $1,515.89; v. Brian Wimmer, Winona Lake, $4,498.94;
  • 30 West Auto Sales v. Michael Caudill, Mentone, $3,896.40
  • Sands Office Equipment Service v. Certified Restoration Services, Winona Lake, $1,592.00
  • Warsaw Eastgate Apartments v. Tara Conn, Warsaw, $1,592.00
  • Capital One Bank, Lindsey Esenwein, Pierceton, $1,651.00
  • The Car Company v. Sean Douglas, Plymouth, $792.00; v. Lloyd Feltner, Kendallville, $425.00
  • Kimberly England v. Tara Fuller, Mentone, $952.33
  • Centennial Cellular Tri-State v. Bobbi Guard, Nappanee, $1,879.65; Daniel Romero, Warsaw, $1,679.49
  • Orchard Ridge Apartments v. John Littlejohn, Warsaw, $1,622.00
  • Helvey & Associates v. Martin and Nora Malagon, Warsaw, $1,400.85
  • Heron Preserve v. Richard and Robin Miller, Warsaw, $3,519.43
  • Etna Green Associates v. Robert Milton, Etna Green, $1,589.00
  • Martin Financial Management v. Ryan Prickett, Hawaii, $2,431.83
  • Kehler Law Firm v. Ashley Rodewald, Warsaw, $2,152.00
  • Liebsch v. Clayton Rohr, Warsaw, $0
  • Collecto Services v. Melissa Sabin, Warsaw, $435.33
  • Elden Stoops v. Leandra Saldivar, Warsaw, $2,800.00
  • Centennial Cellular v. Rachael Shepherd, Warsaw, $1,061.93
  • Financial Services of Whitley v. Travis Winebrenner, Ligonier, $1,102.61
  • Komyatte & Casbon, PC v. Mary Ann Wood, Warsaw, $684.73
  • Warsaw Community School Corp. v. Hilary and Jeremy Zarse, Warsaw, $680.44

Mortgage Foreclosures
The following mortgage foreclosures have been awarded in Kosciusko County Courts:

  • Everbank v. Rebecca Beer, Warsaw, $65,075.28
  • PNC Bank v. Randall Byrer, Etna Green, $83,349.19; v. Daryle and Erin Smith, Syracuse, $87,858.45
  • Household Finance Corp. v. Eric Goff, $102,252.99
  • Nationstar Mortgage v. Steven Kaylor, $64,262.73
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Dwayne and Susan Kitson, Pierceton, $158,313.99
  • United Security Financial  v. Ella Price, Mission, Texas, $79,185.31
  • Wells Fargo Bank v. Jill Rhoades, Warsaw, $85,241.54
  • Mutual Bank v. Scot Rodewald, Warsaw, $91,341.59; v. Ben Smith, Milford, $267,157.63; v. Tonnie Smith, Milford, $267,157.63

Civil Collections
The following civil collections have been awarded in Kosciusko County Courts:

  • United Credit Union v. Toby Alldaffer, Claypool, $9,416.17
  • Cavalry SPV I v. Janice Brown, Silver Lake, $4,620.79
  • Cach LLC v. Maria Crossman, Winona Lake, $5,223.82
  • Communitywide Federal Credit Union v. Tasha Mitchell, Wabash, $13,560.29; v. Clayton Rohr, Warsaw, $13,560.29
  • American Acceptance Company v. Larry Rocha, Warsaw, $1,272.67

Superior Court II
The following traffic infractions have been filed in Kosciusko Superior Court II, Judge James Jarrette presiding:

Speeding exceeding maximum 55 mph – William Bibler, Winona Lake, $189.00
Speeding exceeding speed limit set by local authority – Daniel Sandoval, Winona Lake, $128.50
No valid driver’s license – Miguel Calzada, Warsaw, $123.50

Marriage Licenses
The following couples have applied for marriage licenses in the office of Kosciusko County Clerk of the Court Jason McSherry:

Titus — Shively
Mitchell Titus, 40, Warsaw, and Jody Shively, 33, Warsaw
Ruiz-Lopez — Sanchez
Jose Ruiz-Lopez, 27, Warsaw, and Nubia Sanchez, 33, Warsaw
Hinton — Anderson
Zachary Hinton, 26, Mentone, and Vanessa Anderson, 28, Warsaw
White — McGee
Daniel White, 23, Leesburg, and Mercedes McGee, 19, Mill Creek
Delange — Evans
Todd Delange, 23, Lapeer, Mich., and Jocelyn Evans, 21, Warsaw
Roger — Cordell
Stavedahl Roger, 46, Warsaw, and Alice Cordell, 45, Warsaw
Plank — Hall
Dennis Plank, 42, Warsaw, and Tawna Hall, 43, Warsaw

Marriage Dissolutions
The following couples have filed for marriage dissolutions in the Kosciusko Superior and Circuit courts:

Tayagua — Victor Tayagua, Ligionier, and Rosalia Tayagua, Syracuse. Married: March 28, 2001. Separated: March 10, 2013. There are three minor children.
Elam — Jon Elam, Claypool, and Diane Elam, Fresno, Calif. Married: March 29, 1997. Separated: March 13, 2013.
Granados — Shandy Granados, Warsaw, and Jorge Granados, Bunker Hill. Married: Sept. 17, 2003. Separated: 2012. There are three minor children.
Dewald — Latisha Dewlad, Warsaw, and Jonathan Dewald, Warsaw. Married: June 26, 2010. Separated: March 4, 2013. There are two minor children.



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