UPDATE: Meth Lab Explosion At Days Inn

Fire officials have blocked off four rooms on the second floor of the Days Inn where a meth lab exploded this evening injuring two people. (Photo provided by Mystica Martin)

Fire officials have blocked off four rooms on the second floor of the Days Inn where a meth lab exploded this evening injuring two people. (Photo provided by Mystica Martin)

(UPDATE: Warsaw Police are no longer seeking James Kern. He has been located and does not have any injuries. Police now say it appears Kern was not even present at Days Inn.)

Authorities are saying a meth lab explosion sparked a fire at the Days Inn in Warsaw and injured two people.

At approximately 5:52 p.m. Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory and Warsaw City Police were called to the hotel, located at 2575 E. Center St. According to officials, upon arrival at the scene fire and emergency crews discovered a fire located in the bathroom of room 218. The fire was the result of an explosion that reportedly blew the bathroom door off its hinges and caused the ceiling of room 218 and an adjoining room to collapse.

Though no one was discovered within the room on arrival, police were notified of an injured subject running near the Marketplace shopping center. Warsaw Police Department located Paul Luna, 36, of Ligonier, with his shoes and pants still smoldering from the fire. It is reported that Luna had suffered from severe burns to his arms and head and was flown by Samaritan air ambulance to the burn unit at Saint Joseph Hospital in Fort Wayne.

Luna informed police that an additional person had been in the room at the time of the explosion. Police believe that James Kern, 22, of Cromwell, may have been injured in the explosion.

Following the call, the building was evacuated, however, officials now report that residents have been allowed back into their rooms. Four rooms have been closed off and quarantined due to the explosion and resulting fire and water damage. The Indiana State Police meth clean up team is on-site.

Another victim, identified as a bystander who entered the room with a fire extinguisher after the explosion, was taken to Kosciusko Community Hospital for inhaling chemicals. He was treated and released.

Winona Lake Police Department, Indiana State Police, Multi-Township EMS, Warsaw/Wayne Fire Territory, Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department and the Kosciusko County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office assisted Warsaw Police.




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UPDATE: Meth Lab Explosion At Days Inn — 35 Comments

  1. Why don’t they just close that place down…there seema to be a problem with meth labs and that hotel…not hard to figuew out

  2. No, this place has been in the news far too frequently and it’s all connected to meth. It’s time to revoke the business license and force the owners to sell the property to more responsible people.

    The Mayor and the City needs to get on top of this…it’s a public nuisance, and once it’s declared a public nuisance, it can be condemned.

  3. And we need to close down the housing additions, the ones with our drs and lawyers living in…The crap is e everywhere. The hotels are not the problem if anything they help the police catch them more often because ppl have been made alert of smells and the actions of the ppl using it.Drugs and addiction doesn’t care how much money you or your family has,or how fancy your home is.And a addict would make it in there own Grandparents house just to get the high the high that the addiction to this has them not caring about anything or anyone.

  4. Or a better solution maybe the people that rent the rooms out need to turn people away more often! Tweakers are fairly easy to spot! Just sayin

  5. I think when a person or persons go there, I’m pretty sure the attendant could see something in their appearance, that would give him cause to think. But this is everywhere even in cars going down the street, or as before on a bike. There will need to be some type of deterrent, smacking them on the hand is not working..

  6. Luna’s police record is so long it’s not funny. Why he constantly gets out of these things and out of jail is beyond me.

    • Larry Luna happens to be my uncle. & Honestly, it’s none of your business how he gets out of it. He just does. You just need to keep your mouth shut about things that you obviously have no idea about.

      • Wow really? Log on to indiana offender search look his record up, either you are incredibly young or naive maybe both, hopefully you learn the ignorance of your comment!
        Your uncle obviously isn’t willing to learn a lesson or maybe the dope fried the “thinking” center of his brain, regardless it’s time for him to go down state and stay there a while maybe he will find a right path and grow up and learn how to battle this addiction and violence!

        Btw, didnt he have a warrant out of Allen county for meth too?


        • I’ve seen his record. I don’t need to login anywhere to see it. I may be young, but I’m old enough to realize how serious all this is. I don’t think my comment was ignorant. I’m saying everyone has their flaws & yes, Larry has quite a few, but we don’t call out everyone elses. Our family knows that he needs to be in jail for the things he’s done. There’s so many tweekers out there. None of you know Larry like our family does. Regardless of what he’s done, we love him.
          He’s none of your concern. Larry’s a good man & anyone who knows the real him can tell you the same thing. He’s a sweetheart.

          • Jasmine,
            Your uncle repeatedly has endangered many people’s lives. That automatically revokes sweetheart status. I know you love your uncle dearly. Please don’t justify or desire to hide his behavior, but rather help him clean up his life. I wish you and your family courage and hope through these tough times. Larry needs you. You don’t need to comment any more.

    • Lynae….and so is your father n laws but we don’t blast his business everywhere & his crimes are 10x worse then my brothers could ever be…..I’m just thankful for all the little kids out there and for his children that he is locked up.

      • No ones justifying the things he does. We all know that what he’s doing is wrong, but as his family, we will stand by him. No one is perfect. I’m sure every one of you have a family that has a record. We can try all we want, but he’s the only one that can change his life around.

        • everybody who wants to down on larry its like his family says im sure each one of you have a family member who needs help im sure!!!!yall just need to lay off of this subject because larry is a hell of a man who honestly does have a good heart and im sure he is already hurting inside just knowing he couldve really hurt somebody if u noticed he was obviously concerned about the other guy being in the room with him who couldve been hurt those who know larry knows who he really is!!!!who gives a crap what these people think all that matters is that yall are there with larry and ill be down there soon to see him because i know who he really is and that is from somebody who isnt his family!!!!

          • Roxanna,
            I thank GOD that I don’t have a close family member who has ever done meth. I can see how devastating it is. He probably is hurting inside. A blast like that probably hurts for a damn long time!
            Also I doubt he was truly concerned for Mr. Kerns. I’m sure he was trying to take someone else down with him. Someone mentioned that God has a plan for Mr. Luna. I can tell you this; if his family doesn’t help him, and quit with the whole “Only Paul Luna can help himself” rhetoric, then I’m guessing that plan is going to be complete very soon. If you’re not willing to get the help for your family member that’s truly needed then you are part of the problem. Quit dismissing your responsibilities as family, and take care of him. Get him the help he needs. For the love of God, please help clean up our community. It starts with your loved one.

          • TO THE PERSON BELOW: actually we have tried and tried to help him but also if anyone knows my dad they know he is very bull headed and stubborn. so don’t act like you know my family or what we’ve gone through because of him. obviously you don’t have a family member that’s addicted to meth (and i would never wish that on someone), because if you did you would know that its not something that you can help over night. also let me tell you this GOD DOES HAVE A PLAN FOR MY DAD and for you to say that he was trying to take someone down with him, you are very wrong. for one because MR KERN has been involved and has somehow gotten out of another case with my dad. Don’t act like you know my dad, or what it’s like to help someone with an addiction or try to keep your family out of trouble. I know for a fact you wouldn’t be able to handle what my grandmother, my aunt and myself have to go through!

  7. What I wonder, is why KCSD uses incompetent, inexperienced drug addicts to do their work for them constantly..? What do we pay the detectives for?? Ever hear of undercover work?? Are you actually that scared to put yourselves in harms way?? If so, take security job at chucky cheese.

    This is purely for the money it seems. Is the drug task force only used after the fact? Sounds like a scheme like FEMA is. How many more houses and motels need to blow up because you keep sending these people free over and over after they served a whole weekend? Maybe next time KCSD won’t be so lucky and little kids playing in the yard may blow up. But they apparently do not care about that.

    • Not just them there are a long list of people in this area that choose not to do a damn thing CPS needs to reexamine files they return kids to parents that aren’t fit to watch road kill! There is a case in particular in this county the mom has had 3 meth labs and got 12 years probation an served a weekend, plus got 2 of her then 4 children back, she has had an additional lab in her apartment and was busted was she charged NOPE, even with her kids testing positive and the house hold belongings being covered in meth contamination the 2 kids got to stay with her she then has another child and cps probation and parole does a surprise visit finds meth trash and residue in their new trailer and the kids are removed a weekend and then returned!


  8. They need to make the laws more strict and make punishment more harsh just like crack all that garbage is ruining our community and something needs to be done


    • How well do you think court ordered treatment would work? The repeat offenders are the big issue not people that get in trouble once and learn their lesson it’s the people that do it over and over again some while they have children, these people are destroying our county CPS needs to remove more children from these fiends and prosecutors need to do their job and figure out a new plan to combat this ever growing issue!

      Tired of the destruction and devastation this crap is doing to our area!

  10. Gotta love family that condones and defends a person who obviously does not give a rats a** about anyone or anything! How fortunate there wasn’t some poor family in the room next door, maybe a murder charge would get the trash off the streets!
    Instead of being proud that he is able to get away with being ignorant an a criminal drive him to a meeting or better yet to the jail, Elkhart county would be my preference for these types of people they do not take their drug crimes lightly!

    So tired of this county excusing these repeat idiots! Sterilize them and lock them up!! :-)

  11. luna’s family clearly doesn’t see a problem with his drug use…maybe because they are using as well. We will prob. see there face on s.p.o. soon. I really wish our county would get this problem under control. I feel a little helpless as a citizen. Not sure what to do to help stop or even SLOW the growth of this “tumor” we call meth. I only fear that one of these meth zombies will hurt my family or myself…or worse yet persued my son at some point in his life to try meth. If a person knows of someone using meth, please turn them in. It is the best thing for them, they may be mad…but you could be saving their life.

    • and to the person above that said my family probably uses meth too, you are ignorant. if you met my family you would know that what you typed should be deleted because my grammas, his sisters and one of his brothers are good people who have just tried to help through any bad situation we have HAD to go through. so idk who you are but this is NOT because of us it is his OWN fault.

  12. none of you know my father nor how upset a loved one of his can be over these comments. you do not know how loving and kindhearted this man can be. all you see is a meth lab gone bad in your area. he is not is the first or the last! these people need help because addictions are terrible, they can turn a person inside and out, also tare familys apart. nobody is perfect and nobody has a perfect family. you talk about his record and current opened cases, well obviously if the judge posts a bond hes goin to pay it and go about his business. so if you want to complain, complain to our court system. there is no excuses for what has happened because its terrible but as his daughter i know first hand how awful these bad situations are and it doesnt feel good. i already know that he has this addiction or doesnt abide by the law. not me or my family can or have ever been able to change him. only God would be able to. he has a plan for my dad, and i know it to be true.

    • Luna is a kind hearted loving father! He has problems and has issues. He’s always so badly wanted to get his life together and be straight! He can’t do it. I don’t know why the hell he’s done some of the stuff he’s done but if u could make ur way into his heart he’d give u the shirt off his back in a second. It’s a sad road…. Devastating to family and friends who always hold onto that hope that one day it’ll be better. There’s always hope. Without HOPE this world would be hell. I understand that I couldn’t imagine being in the room next door with my kids. That’s deffinetly a valid concern! I agree with bobaloo314, go out and advocate for stricter laws and enforced punishment if u feel like u need to make a difference! It’s just sad for his daughter to see this! Bobaloo314 stay strong girl and stay off the Internet…. It can be so toxic!

  13. Thank you everybody who is telling our family something we already know. Yes we know how he is ! We know that he should be in jail for the things he has done. But larry is the kindest person ever. He has a major flaw, but everyone. Has them. Who are you to judge? Are you god? Are you perfect? Yeah I’ve read that if someone in the room next to him it would be murder, but luckly it was only him . So please so the hating on him. I know he’s not the best person or hyas

  14. As Luna’s sister i will say WE DO NOT CONDONE anything nor do we do drugs or make meth. For that to be said it just shows the ignorance of some people. As his family we have no control over what he does but we will always be here to support him and try to show him a better way. Its good to know that ALL of you that commented have perfect family members and that you urself have no flaws.

  15. So when he kills someone with one of his meth labs gone wrong….is he still the most kind hearted sweet person out there? LOL right now at the people defending this person. Family or not he is out of control….go ahead and blast me for stating the truth.

  16. Like i said he is not the first or the last person to do something like this and it is a problem. but attacking the situation and assuming things about someone who has a problem based off his record is not going to change the issue. so LOL all you want LMAO.

  17. We know full well the issues Luna has. But you know…NO one sin is greater than another so unless your without sin maybe you should not be so quick to put someone down. Our family is going thru enough right now without adding peoples stupidity to the mix.

  18. Wow, I never meant to hurt anyone with my comment. I never thought anyone who loved him would see this, I’m not a mean vindictive person who wants others to feel pain. Because of that, I would like to see people who are so desperately addicted to things like Meth, put into long term drug rehab therapy. If we keep releasing them, how can they get the help they need? I’ve seen too much pain, felt too much pain from drug abuse to want it to continue in my community, my family, or in my friends lives. I hate seeing others hurting! I hate that good guys like Luna are hurting themselves and don’t even know it. Those two sentences I wrote obviously were too blunt. My feelings behind the words were not shared so they came out mean and hurtful. For that I am sorry. But I’m also sorry for what I see meth doing to people I love.

  19. The problem is the system using people as pawns. KOS county needs to get a grip on things or the **** is going to hit the fan. Also, the user/victim/pawn, needs to say NO to be used as a pawn. If the authorities can use an informant/undercover/snitch (just another word for vigilantly…since they are NOT TRAINED), maybe we need to do the same thing to stop the authorities from using these types of tactics in these cases.

    KOS county is keeping meth alive for the grant money, nothing more. Revolving door, thanks for the check. It’s a shame how they use people for money in this world. No care if anyone gets killed while doing it….but it surely won’t be the authorities, since they can’t do the job themselves.