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Redbox Movie Review:

Finally, a horror movie that doesn’t suck!

Though it still has its silly “boo” scare moments, Sinister also provides a strong, interesting story as well as wonderful characters. I really figured these found footage films would have died out by now, but somehow co-writer/ director Scott Derrickson managed to pull it off!

Derrickson’s knack for intertwining good storytelling with genuine unsettling moments was key in this film. Derrickson is also the mastermind behind (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) which was his terror filled take on the possession topic.

Sinister stars Ethan Hawke who plays a “true crime” author Ellison Oswalt who has moved his wife and two young children to the site of a horrific family murder for the purposes of writing about the crime. Of course he hasn’t told his wife about the houses gruesome past. I doubt she would have agreed to pick up and move to a murder scene very willingly.

After settling in Ellison decides to take a peek up in the attic. He finds a box of old Super 8 films and begins to screen the footage. He soon finds out that he has stumbled across a box of snuff films an archive of which spans over 40 years. As he starts to put things together we are taken on a roller coaster of a creepy story.

Ellison is a seemingly fearless individual that takes the audience into the places that we would dare not go on our own. I loved this element of the film because he was taking you to see things that really invoke the flight or fight response. I know at one point I caught myself holding my breath which was a new feeling for me. I am pretty desensitized to horror movies these days so I applaud anyone who can make me that uncomfortable!

The soundtrack was great as well! Some interesting moods were set with this fantastic score. It did have some issues with pacing at times but for the most part it was a great film!

Overall thoughts:
I loved it! It had every element I look for in a good scary movie. I would say it is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the crap that has been coming out from the horror genre in the recent years.

If you like the horror genre then Sinister is a film I definitely recommend! It won’t be for everyone, as it does contain a lot of violent content. I can’t wait to see what comes next from Director Scott Derrickson. I would have to say Sinister achieved my vote for best horror movie of 2012.

I found this at the local Redbox. I would say it is totally worth a buck!
I give it 8 out of 10



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