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Small Claims
The following small claims have been awarded in Kosciusko Superior Court III, Judge Joe V. Sutton presiding:

  • New Moves v. Christina Stanton, Warsaw, $0
  • Bourbon Plumbing and Heating v. Christopher Lusso, Warsaw, $2,076.60
  • Hoffert, Thomas & Patricia v. Carisa and Doyle Valentine, $3,978.28
  • Ron and Tecey Ingle v. Charlee Ormanovich, Warsaw, $3,577.26; v. Mack Stokes, Warsaw, $3,577.26
  • Suburban Acres v. Jennifer Scott, Warsaw, $1,567.00
  • SAC Finance, Inc. v. Tara Rogers, Claypool, $3,735.52
  • Ron Cernauskas v. Garrett Vachon, North Webster, $3,102.00
  • The Otis R. Bowen Center v. Larry Kingrey, Warsaw, $992.00
  • Helvey & Associates v. Kimberly and Eric Kotzenmoyer, Warsaw, $2,988.37; v. Jamie Smith, Warsaw, $1,269.24
  • Sally and Ken Albert v. Brad Searfoss, Warsaw, $6,092.00
  • Culver Development Corporation v. Nathan Hanes, Nappanee, $1,602.00; v. Renee Fells, Nappanee, 1,602.00
  • Douglas Davis v. Joe Newlin, Silver Lake, $3,492.00
  • Anthony’s Anchor Bay Marine, Inc. v. Carl Sewell, Leesburg, $780.23; v. Mike Pavlick, North Webster, $172.98
  • Sterling Services, Inc. v. Avonda Raber, Milford, $1,192.00

Mortgage Foreclosures
The following mortgage foreclosures have been awarded in Kosciusko County Courts:

  • Wells Fargo Bank v. Nicole and Justin Bice, Syracuse, $73,378.45; v. James Lindeman, Warsaw, $83,790.74
  • Crossroads Bank v. Charles Blosser, Leesburg, and Paula Blosser, Syracuse, $147,212.42;
  • Fifth Third Bank Mortgage Company v. Sara Moore, Syracuse, $87,447.82
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank  v. Susan and Dwayne Kitson, Pierceton, $158,313.99; v. Lucy Porter, Pierceton, $80,912.45; v. JP Morgan, $200.00

Civil Collections
The following civil collections have been awarded in Kosciusko County Courts:

  • Communitywide Federal Credit Union v. Ashley Belcher, $14,369.66
  • Discover Bank v. Dianna Blanchard, North Webster, $6,729.58
  • Portfolio Recovery Associates v. Kevin Bradley, Claypool, $1,321.62
  • Cach, LLC v. Faith Detwiler, Warsaw, $2,249.53; v. Amanda Newman, Warsaw, $1582.20
  • PNC Bank v. Jason Brune, Leesburg, $37,575.78
  • Midland Funding LLC v. Sherry Gonzalez, Warsaw, $2,559.83; v. Ktran Minh, North Webster, $5,117.89; v. Nathan Hillard, Warsaw, $2,070.04; v. Patty Hall, Claypool, $1,471.84; v. Tonnie Smith, Milford, $1,094.18
  • Capital One Bank v. Clyde Miller, Silver Lake, $ 1,272.03; v. Amber Hobbs, Claypool, $1,021.32; Joy Goble, Warsaw, $1,942.18; v. Steven Keim, Syracuse, $990.98; v. Corrina Messick, North Webster, $1,217.28; v. Christina Smith, Silver Lake, $783.57; v. Derek Bussard, Mentone, $1,192.31; v. Wendy McClone, Warsaw, $965.10
  • National Collegiate Student Loan v. Ethel Hyndman, Warsaw, $16,323.12; v. Jeffrey Plath, Warsaw, $16,323.12
  • Paton Realty v. James Hemry, Portage, $21,725.82
  • Commercion LLC v. Brad Huff, Roann, $14,984.07
  • Security Credit Services v. Ruby Pennington, Warsaw, $1,806.41
  • Cavalry Investments v. Steve Goff, Syracuse, $13,929.75
  • LVNV Funding v. M. Sherwin, Warsaw, $1,418.36
  • FIA Card Services v. James Lindeman, Warsaw, $44,691.01
  • Credit Acceptance Corp. v. Tricia Beezley, Silver Lake, $13,059.88
  • Firstsource Bank v. Bruce Baldillez, Syracuse, $6426.47
  • Helvey & Associates v. Cassie and Chad Goble, Mentone, $13,043.35

Superior Court II
The following traffic infractions have been filed in Kosciusko Superior Court II, Judge James Jarrette presiding:

  • Unlawful display of red and white lamps or red and blue lamps on vehicle – Erick Cruz, Warsaw, $123.50
  • Window Tint violation by driver – Christopher Wehmeyer, Pierceton, dismissed
  • Speeding – Daniel Sandoval, Winona Lake, $128.50

Marriage Licenses
The following couples have applied for marriage licenses in the office of Kosciusko County Clerk of the Court Jason McSherry:

Ryan — Owens
Todd Ryan, 45, Warsaw, and Christina Owens, 40, Warsaw
Dailey — Thomas
William Dailey, 33, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., and Katelynn Thomas, 26, Warsaw
Trammel — Watson
Michael Trammel, 51, Pierceton, and Annette Watson, 50, Pierceton
Strieby — Hunziker
Luke Strieby, 25, Syracuse, and Shilo Hunziker, 22, Leesburg
Reynolds — Singleton
John Reynolds, 29, Syracuse, and Misty Singleton, 32, Syracuse
Adams — Harter
Paul Adams, 36, Warsaw, and Rachel Harter, 34, Warsaw
Bernal — Rodriguez
Jose Bernal, 25, Warsaw, and Maria Rodriguez, 47, Warsaw
Garner — Shipley
Travis Garner, 35, North Webster, and Julia Shipley, 32, Warsaw
Hamer — Perrine
Myron Hamer, 33, Warsaw, and Audria Perrine, 35, Warsaw
Shaw — Isley
Jeremy Shaw, 35, Warsaw, and Melissa Isley, 30, Warsaw
Kinney — Hueber
Donald Kinney, 55, Warsaw, and Kristine Hueber, 50, Warsaw

Marriage Dissolutions
The following couples have filed for marriage dissolutions in the Kosciusko Superior and Circuit courts:

Hollon — Lynae Hollon, Warsaw, and Brandon Hollon, Warsaw. Married: Jan. 16, 2008. Separated: March 1, 2013. There  is one minor child.
Snyder — Tina Snyder, Warsaw, and Christopher Snyder, Warsaw. Married: Nov. 30, 2002. Separated: Jan. 28, 2013. There  are two minor children.
Davis — Clark Davis Jr., Warsaw, and Teresa Davis, Warsaw Married: Dec. 30, 1995. Separated: March 7, 2013. There  is one minor child.
Alvarez — Tara Alvarez, Silver Lake, and Daniel Alvarez-Cortes, Mexico. Married: Feb. 5, 2007. Separated: March 4, 2013. There   are three minor children.
Cox — Angela Cox, Warsaw, and Jeffrey Cox, Warsaw. Married: Feb. 7, 2007. Separated: Feb. 1, 2013. There are no minor children.
Randall —Josie Randall, Warsaw, and Gary Randall, Silver Lake. Married: Dec. 31, 2010. Separated: Dec. 2, 2012. There  are no minor children.




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