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Skyfall is now available on DVD.

Now at the half century mark with our beloved 007 character, Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig, is not only one of the best Bond films to date, it may be one of the best blockbuster films of the 2012 summer.

At the directing helm, Academy Award winner Sam Mendes (Road to Perdition and American Beauty) does an absolutely fantastic job! With all of the hype leading up to this movie the franchise needed a breath of fresh air after the dismal, Quantum of Solace. I do believe Mr. Mendes achieved this with his Bond rendition.

The movie starts off with a fast-paced 20-minute first sequence of Bond and his agent counterpart Eve (Naomi Harris) tearing through the crowded streets of Istanbul to retrieve a hard drive laced with critical secret information. In typical Bond fashion of being a jack-of-all-trades, he operates various vehicles from a motorbike to a caterpillar crane, on the bed of a rail car and then nail biting scene on top of the train for a foot chase.

The story takes a seeming turn for the worse when Eve is instructed by none other than M (Judi Dench) to take a last second sniper shot, missing the target only to hit Bond and letting the target get away with the precious cargo. With 007 MIA and assumed to be killed in the line of duty, he assumes a less than triumphant return from the grave.

After knocking a bit of dust off his boots, Bond gets back in the saddle for a confrontation with my new favorite Bond villain, Oscar winner for best supporting actor (No Country for Old Men) Javier Bardem. The Megalomaniacal terrorist/ computer genius named Silva, enters the story with a gentle creepiness and works his well written character into something almost worth sympathizing for, only to take the climactic cake as one of the most ruthless of all Bond characters to date. His roller coaster of a performance is one not soon to be forgotten in the realm of Bond nemesis!

Overall Thoughts:
This is the best of the Craig trilogy and arguably the best of the 007 franchise. The movie does bear witness to a fair amount of violence and death. Not recommended for young or the faint of heart. Bond at one point initiates a kill, by using nothing more than his buttocks, as a deadly weapon!

Javier Bardem has my vote for best Bond villain and Judi Dench as M adds that touch of class that will not soon be forgotten!

The cinematography throughout the film was beautifully done and, at times, picturesquely stunning. Director Same Mendes along with his fantastic writers, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan, nailed it and we can be rest assured the “Bondage” from this sequel will carry on to the next!

I give it an overwhelming two thumbs up!



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