Purdue Freezing Tuition Rates

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue University announced today it is freezing tuition and most fees at current levels for the next two years for students who attend the West Lafayette campus. The last year without a tuition increase was 1976.

“I have found a broad consensus among faculty and staff to put the interests of our students and their families first,” Purdue President Mitch Daniels said. “In this period of national economic stagnation, it’s time for us to hit the pause button on tuition increases. Our students and their families deserve a high-value education that they can afford. We will fit our spending to their budgets—not the other way around. Purdue is a national leader in the value of its degrees and we intend to increase that value further.”

Daniels said he will call on every college and administrative unit to join in the efforts to make affordability and value Purdue’s top priorities. With a focus on administrative efficiency, a framework for achieving the necessary savings and the first actions for doing so will be announced in the next few weeks.

Currently, all Indiana resident undergraduates at West Lafayette pay $9,900 per year, which includes tuition and fees for technology, repair and rehabilitation, student activity, and student fitness and wellness. Nonresident tuition and fees are $28,702. International students pay $30,702. Tuition increases over the past 10 years have averaged close to 6 percent, based on numbers reported in Purdue’s Data Digest.

Rates for 2013-14 will be $9,992 per year for Indiana residents, which is unchanged except for the previously approved increase in the student activity and student fitness and wellness fee. Nonresident tuition and fees will be $28,794. International students will pay $30,794. Some differential fees for specific majors and programs may increase.

The tuition freeze applies to Purdue’s West Lafayette campus.

Tuition at each of Purdue’s three regional campuses is determined separately based on factors such as enrollment, programs offered, and the state appropriation for that campus.

Daniels has discussed the matter informally with the trustees and has their support in the concept.



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