Missing Woman’s Birthday Remembered

Aurora-Shoemaker-poster-300x231Aurora Shoemaker’s 19th birthday was Sunday but there was no cake or presents to celebrate. Aurora herself was not even home to hear the words “Happy Birthday” from her family.

On Aug. 16, 2012, Aurora Shoemaker seemingly vanished without a trace. Now, six months later, her family can only wonder what happened and pray that she returns home safely.

Police are also a loss. They have followed every tip or alleged sighting, but have yet to turn up any evidence that would lead them to Aurora or even a clue as to what happened to her.

“The holidays have been really hard on the family,” said Aurora’s mother, Lori Helblig. “She is in mine, her siblings and her father’s thoughts everyday.”

Helblig said her daughter loved welding in school and enjoyed taking walks and listening to her music. “She loves going shopping and trying on clothes even when we had no money to buy them,” Helblig added. “She loves to write and read. [She is] always ready to help a family member or a friend with anything. She’s a very loving and caring person.”

Aurora was last seen around 5 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012, in Suburban Acres Mobile Home Park, Warsaw. She told a family member she was going for a walk, but she never returned. The young woman left with only the clothes she was wearing and her cell phone, which was either turned off or went dead shortly after her disappearance.

Aurora is approximately 5 foot 9 inches tall, 120 pounds with short blonde hair, green eyes and lower lip piercing’s.If you have any information about Aurora, contact the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department’s TIP line, which does not have caller ID, at 574-265-2211. Callers may also contact Crime Stoppers toll free at 1-800-342-STOP.



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