Setback Moves Kidney Donor Search Forward



On Dec. 2, 2012, we first brought to you a story about a popular local business man in need of a kidney donation and how another local company came to his aid in an unusual attempt to find him a donor. (See original story)

Today, Mike Stetzel is still awaiting a kidney donor and realizing just how crucial it is for him to find one.

About five years ago, Stetzel realized some health concerns. After undergoing testing, he was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, a disorder causing clusters of cysts to develop primarily within the kidneys. “I’ve had poor kidney function for the last 5 years,” he said. “I’ve undergone dialysis for the last two years and I’m on the (national) donor list.”

In October, Stetzel suffered an infection that interfered with his dialysis. Today, he reveals, “It looks as if my peritoneum was severely damaged by my infection in October. Therefore, my home dialysis was not successful last week and just caused me to gain weight.”

The peritoneum is a thin membrane that lines the abdominal and pelvic cavities. Because of the damage caused by the infection, Stetzel will now have to return to hemodialysis which is used in a state of renal failure. On his Facebook page he writes, “My only trepidation is having a fistula put in. I will use that once it is ready and be stuck with 2 needles before each treatment. This is my solution until I can get a transplant at Clarian Transplant (IN) in Indy. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated.”

Anyone who may wish to be an organ donor is asked to join the 1 Person 1 Kidney Facebook page. There, more information is available on Stetzel and how to become a donor.



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