Warsaw Math Team Wins Trine Competition

ANGOLA – A team from Warsaw Community High School won the 39th Annual High School Mathematics Competition at Trine University. More than 180 students on 45 teams from 19 schools competed in the event, which awards renewable scholarships to winning students and stipends to top teachers.

WCHS teacher Amanda Taylor led to first place her team of Bryce Carter, Grant Carlson, Josh Miller and Drew Tomasik. If they enroll at Trine, these students will receive $3,000 annual renewable scholarships. Warsaw’s Carter and Miller won individual advanced and elementary, respectively. Each will receive a $5,000 renewable scholarship if they enroll at Trine. Taylor won a $1,000 stipend to use for math education.

Second place went to the Clinton (Michigan) High School team of Luke Schaffner, Ryan Rogers, Andrew Gibson and Robin Pearce. Clinton math teacher Ron Schaffner received a $500 stipend. Warsaw’s Carlson and Clinton’s Pearce won second place individual advanced and elementary awards, respectively.

Fairview (Sherwood, Ohio) High School’s team of Kasen Culler, Jacob Whitman, Jacob Hoffman and Will Steffel won third place.

The students competed and awards were given on Jan. 30.

Other participating schools and students included:

Adams Central (Monroe) High School students Dusty Gremaux, Jacob Weil, Ben Callow, Aaron Steffen, Jenna Stroup, Joel DeArmond, Deatra Gremaux, Michael Yoder, Matt Schwaller, Colton Frauhiger, and Abby Busse.

Ayersville (Defiance, Ohio) High School students Joe Goonan, Justin Flory, Kyle Behringer, Taylor Nicholson, Chelsea Fockler, Mason Aelker, Clay Long, James Howard, Adam Deitrick, Nikki Schroeder, Anjelica Moreno, Tate Oswalt, Grant Snow, Emily Thieroff, Hannah McKibben and Jacob Smith.

Bronson (Mich.) High School students  Lucas Silvestri, Jonah Houtz, Torei Kulpinski, Kyle Smith, Matt Cosby, Laura Stemen, Makenzie McLimans, Mark Robinson and Ryan Bailey.

Clay (South Bend) High School studednts Gabrielle Behr, Michelle Adeniyi, Sydney Tobolski, Roman Angone, Jacob Noble, Melissa Bash, Jenna Musselman, Daniel Noble, Anthony Sandora, Reza Karimi and Sarah Tucker.

Clinton (Mich.) High School students Jimmy Fisher, Dakota Stahley, Madison Kuzman, Madison Bachman, Kadie Tower, Keely Quiring, Anna Kersey, Abi Schaffner, Jason Herzog, Grant Clark, Gina Pike and Mark Dewald.

Constantine (Mich.) High School students Caroline Chen, Riley Hibshman, Ashlee Wogan, Katelyn Kuhlman, Andrew Johnson, Cody Mallo, Andrew Turner and Taylor Langworthy.

Defiance (Ohio) High School students Emily Gallant, Dom Romero, John Young, Marcus Schimizzi, Anthony Andonegui, Michael Lanto, Ben Moninger and Katherine Liming.

East Noble (Kendallville) High School students Zaki Abou Mrad, Sydney Rodenbeck, Ashlee Haefer, Joe Vandiver, Michaela Corbin, McKenzy Yates, Nathan Evers, Shelby Ryman, Madison Cook, Vickie Nguyen, Caleb Larson, Jayson Arend, Shea Targgart, Josh Tew, Phillip Phan and Lucas Graden.

Fairview (Sherwood, Ohio) High School students Kyle Thomas, Emily Macsay, Brittany Conkey and Carly Sprow.

Harlan Christian School students Brandon Eicher, Julie Seigel and Ryan Faull.

Marion High School students Alyssa Ngo, Nithia Chouattukunnel, Patricia Manio, Patrick Riggs, Ted Fry, Amogh Sehgal, Zachary Spitzer, Abishek Sehgal, Vinai Oddiraju, Andrew Spitzer, Lan Nguyen, Steven Ngo, Michael Culley, Thao Nguyen, Janet Huffman and Morgan Bounds.

Montpelier (Ohio) High School students Jon Kulpinski, Blaine Thorp, Jacob Leung, Keegan Hitzeman, Zoe Bolen, Kaley Adams, Ciara White and Christy Duchene.

Northrop (Fort Wayne) High School students Vivan Pashova, Noah Wolf, Martin Muigai, Autumn Derr, Michael Bell and Brooke Buneta.

Quincy (Mich.) High School students Levi Drumm, Bree Spalding, Tyler Powell, Kelsey Bean, Alissa Bean, Ilia Tsiklauri, Riley Horn, Logan Lindsley and Igor Weyne Batista.

Shawnee (Lima, Ohio) High School Kirstan Scott, Cory Wilder, Cameron Hanover, Katelyn Cremonese, Brooke Heatwole, Adrienne Pohl, Avery Zhou and Alexis Wei.

Southwood (Wabash) High School students Raleigh Whitham, Michael Bowman, Anna Farlow and Wyatt Wright.

Warsaw Community High School students Tim Ahlersmeyer, Chris Hastings, Robert White and Jeffrey Holt.

West Noble (Ligonier) High School students Ashlee Ritchie, Nelson Luehrs, Tyler Walter, Aaron Mast, Francisco Martinez, Dawn Sheeley, River Denman and Hannah Pfenning.

Westview (Topeka) High School students Michelle Mowerey, Nic Raber, Kimberly Stutzman, Jaron Lewton, Michah Hunsberger, Austin Borg, Kayla Yoder, Katelyn Miller, Josh Richardson, Ben Cramer, Kiersten Reve and Stephenie Hochstetler.



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