KREMC To Award Envirowatts Grants

In what has become a global tradition, April 22 will mark the celebration of Earth Day around the world. To help mark this occasion, Kosciusko REMC will celebrate Earth Day by offering Envirowatts grants to area non-profit organizations. These grants will be given to help conduct special projects related to helping the environment or promoting energy efficiency.

Through an agreement with Wabash Valley Power Association, KREMC’s power provider, the co-op includes alternative energy in their mix of power sources. This program, called “Envirowatts,” is more commonly known as “green power.” Energy for “green power” is generated from environmentally-friendly sources such as biomass, sun, wind, water and geothermal springs.

The Envirowatts green power mix that is currently being offered to KREMC members is from biomass and wind resources. Biomass power is an alternative energy created by using gasses produced by landfill decay in locations throughout Indiana. Wind power is currently being purchased from wind farms in Illinois and Iowa.

Both residential and small commercial business members may elect to pay an additional monthly amount to have their Envirowatts energy purchase credited back to green sources. The monies collected are placed in a grant fund, and those funds are being offered to qualified organizations to support environmental programs within KREMC’s service territory.

To be eligible for a grant, the organization must engage in research and development of new alternative resources, participate in environmental or energy education, or conduct other activities or programs involving the protection of our environment. The organizations must be not-for-profit. Preference will be given to qualified organizations located within KREMC’s service territory, or whose activities directly benefit the KREMC service area.

At the completion of a funded project, the organization must provide a report to KREMC detailing if all goals for the project have been accomplished.

Envirowatts funds totaling $2,500 will be distributed. Minimum awards will be in the amount of $250. Organizations wishing to apply for funding should download an application from the KREMC website or picked one up at the co-op office at 370 S. 250 E. in Warsaw.

All applications must be received by April 1, and projects must be completed by Sept. 30.



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