Whitley Products Re-opens Plymouth Plant

Whitley Products, headquartered in Warsaw, has apparently recalled its workers at the Plymouth plant, but company officials still refuse to offer an explanation.

Whitley Products unexpectedly closed its Plymouth facility on Jan. 24 leaving approximately 100 employees out of work. Stacey Page Online has left several voice mail messages for company officials but have not received any response.

According to a WSBT report, “During a WorkOne rapid response session late Thursday afternoon, at least one worker from Whitley received a phone call that they were going back to work, said Chuck Knebl, spokesman with WorkOne Northern Indiana. The session was held by WorkOne Northern Indiana for Whitley Products workers.”

On Jan. 24, Whitley Products released a statement saying only that “a senior lender again refused to provide the necessary funding to enable Whitley to continue operations.” It was the only statement released.



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