Silver Lake Seeks Donations For Playground

Old, outdated, sometimes dangerous playground equipment is all that stands in the only park in Silver Lake. In an effort to renovate the park and purchase new equipment, Silver Lake officials are seeking cash donations from area businesses and residents. And thanks to a K21 Health Foundation grant, each dollar raised for new playground equipment will be matched with $2 from K21, up to $70,000.

Currently Silver Lake is $16,510 short of its $35,000 goal. If this goal is reached, there will be $105,000 available for the playground equipment.

According to Silver Lake Clerk-Treasurer Tonya Conley, “Although the elementary school has long since closed, the playground where generations of laughter and physical activity have thrived, doesn’t need to die with it.”

The park and playground renovation will be undertaken in stages. Future plans include resurfacing the basketball court and hopscotch area, fencing off the playground area, and adding lighting for evening use.

“One of the things that makes for a healthier community is having areas available close by for physical activity,” said K21 Grant Coordinator Holly Swoverland. “K21 is glad to be able to assist Silver Lake to renovate their local playground which will allow children to play in their own community, rather than having to be driven elsewhere to have fun.”

K21 Health Foundation exists for the benefit of Kosciusko County citizens to ensure health care services are provided, and to advance prevention and healthy lifestyles.

For more information about the K21 Health Foundation, call (574) 269-5188 or visit




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