UPDATE: Daytime Burglaries Under Investigation

Detectives of the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department are investigating several burglaries that occurred over the weekend and today, they say at least three of those appear to be connected.

The three incidents likely linked occurred Friday, Jan. 4. Those included break-ins at the homes of Douglas Ryman, West 525 South, Claypool; Jerrad Jones, West 250 South, Warsaw; and David Spolski, South Beaver Dam Road, Claypool.

Sgt. Chad Hill of the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department tells StaceyPageOnline.com that detectives believe at least those three incidents are the responsibility of the same suspect or suspects. Items taken from each of the homes were similar – including televisions and jewelry – and footprints found at each scene appear to be from the same individual(s).

Crime scene investigators are still going over evidence collected and have not yet named any suspect(s).

On Sunday, two other reports were filed. Those included one by Michelle Mikesell, a resident near Diamond Lake, who reported a burglary to her shed. Also, Lloyd Schwartz of West 575 North, Etna Green, reported a forcible entry to a safe in his home.

Just yesterday, another break-in to a shed at the home of Jeff Iden, EMS W23 Lane, North Webster. Hill said detectives at this point believe only the three events from Jan. 4 are correlated.

Anyone having information about the burglaries is asked to call the KCSD tip line at 574-372-2494 or the detective’s division at 574-267-5667.



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