UPDATE: Airplane Lands Without Nose Gear

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT7ec-geegE]


What had the potential to be disastrous ended well for the pilot of a single engine aircraft that crash landed at Warsaw Municipal Airport.

With Warsaw Fire engines, a Multi-Township ambulance and numerous city and county police vehicles standing by, John Bourdon of New Hampshire circled the airport at least twice before making a landing without the front landing gear.


This Lancair 320 was towed to a hangar after it landed without its nose gear at the Warsaw Municipal Airport. The pilot, from New Hampshire, was unhurt.

Bourdon said he was making a ferry flight of the Lancair 320 plane from Omaha, Neb., to New Hampshire for his brother, who owns the fiberglass aircraft. He said the nose gear on the aircraft failed near the Rochester Airport, “But they told me to go away,” he said with a laugh.

Bourdon flew to Warsaw where he was able to make contact with the airport, which notified emergency crews. Noting he was very low on fuel, Bourdon said he was out of options by the time he circled the airport a second time. “I told them I had to land,” he said.

When he watched the video of his landing on StaceyPageOnline.com, Bourdon’s response was, “Oh wow. Yeah, I skidded about 300 feet I’d guess.” He then added with a laugh that the Lancair 320 “is about about a 319 or so now.”




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UPDATE: Airplane Lands Without Nose Gear — 6 Comments

    • Rochester airport could not deny him permission to land, they are an uncontrolled airport. Besides that, the pilot can do what is needed when facing an emergency. I personally don’t know why he would cut his fuel that close, especially in an emergency situation. If he had to abort his landing for some reason, things could have turned out much worse. With that said, good job on getting the aircraft down safely!

  1. glad there were no injuries, but why had he let himself get into this situation on fuel so as not to go to a bigger airfied as south bend or fort wayne where they have the personel and facilities to handle this situation, warsaw if very marginal in this type of situation