Retired Tigers Elevator Back In Service

Just hours after our story on the out of service elevator that has stranded elderly and disabled residents of Retired Tigers on the third and fourth floors, management told the residents a new elevator is going to be installed. And today, we are told the elevator is again working.

Although the resident manager said she is not allowed to speak with members of the media, she did speak with residents of the apartment building and with at least some family members. Today, has learned that the owners of the 82-unit apartment building, California Commercial Investments out of Westlake Village, Calif., say they are putting in a new elevator that will be complete in approximately 8 weeks. CCI, however, has not confirmed that to

Yesterday, Julie Dawson, regional manager for California Commercial Investment, told, “Our elevator has recently been having problems. We are aware of it and it needed a part. We have ordered the part and are working with our elevator company.” When pressed for a time frame of when the elevator may be fixed, she said, “When the part comes in.” (See story)

Warsaw Fire Chief Mike Brubaker was not available for comment today. Fire department secretary Shirley Fetrow said he was in meetings pertaining to the elevator issue. Warsaw Fire Inspector Joe Fretz was also not available but was at Retired Tigers this morning on what we are told was official business.

Michael Wilson, current Leesburg Fire Department chief and Kosciusko County Coroner, was Warsaw’s fire inspector from 1995 to May 2011. Wilson said his mother was a resident of Retired Tigers before her passing and noted elevator problems have long plagued the building.

“It was down for about a month in 2008 or 2009. Back then I was told it was too old to get parts for so they worked with a different elevator company,” said Wilson, “but I also worked well with them.”

Although Wilson said an elevator is not required in the building, he added, “The elevator is a sales tool for (Retired Tigers) so morally they need to keep it running.”

In the event of a fire or other emergency in the building, Wilson said the means of getting residents out of harms way would fall on the firefighters. Residents would first be moved to a safer area of the building, then evacuated if necessary. “In a fire, the means of escape is not an elevator, it’s the stairs,” he added.

The elevator is only for residents to use from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. has contacted California Commercial Investments for comment, but has still not received a response.




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Retired Tigers Elevator Back In Service — 3 Comments

  1. thanks to whoever fixed the elevator,,,you know its so much easer to fix that then to fix a broken hip or leg or to lose a life from falling down the we can all sleep better at night knowing you done the right thing.

  2. I manage Courts of Colfax Apartments. Residents are 55 and older, Independent, but many have walkers and a few have wheel chairs. I can’t imagine what it would be like if they were unable to leave their apartment. This had to be very scary for some. We only have 1 upper lever but many stair wells. In 2 years we have never had the elevator unavailable except for 3 hours (1 year ago/tornado touch down)and even then, I was making arrangements (just in case) to get the 3 residents that live upstairs down (if need be). Just can’t imagine 4 days! No excuse! Just my opinion! Trenda Keirn

  3. [email protected] on said:

    Trenda You are so right there is no excuse for that company to avoid fixing that eleavater,it’s been going on for some time now,to long. when my son Monty called me about being stranded on the 3rd floor there,and nobody seemed to know who to contact except the manager,and I don’t think she knew either or just wasn’t getting results from the company.I e-mailed Stacy Page and she went out there and went up three set’s of stair’s to interview Monty and some other renter’s.she was apalled at the situation and wrote an artical on her Web site.That got the ball rolling,and WSBT came out and did an interview with Monty and aired it on Jan3rd.Thank God for all the help of the media