Mobile Home Permit Fees Proposed

Kosciusko County Commissioners started the new year with its first official meeting this morning and the main topic of discussion was mobile home permit fees

County treasurer Sue Ann Mitchell said she is proposing an ordinance that addresses the collection of mobile home permit fees for processing the paper work to transfer mobile homes.

A tax assessment summary indicated there were 3,659 mobile homes billed in Kosciusko County last year. The collection rate indicates that only 51 percent of the property taxes being billed were collected. The processing of mobile home transfer permits is required by the BMV before the title to a mobile home can be transferred. The process is to verify that all property taxes on the mobile home being transferred are paid in full.

The treasurer’s office handled 447 mobile home permits last year. “Basically, that figure indicates that approximately 12 percent of all mobile homes in the county have transferred this year,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said several counties in Indiana have a mobile home permit fee, with most charging $10 for the preparation of a permit.

The ordinance will go before the county council at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 10. If the ordinance passes, a $10 fee will be collected for each mobile home moving permit or transfer of title permit issued. The fee would go into effect Jan. 15.

In county highway matters, two stop signs were repealed. The first stop sign is located on CR 1350 North at CR 100 East and Old SR 15 in Milford. The other is at Zimmer Road and Old U.S. 30 in Warsaw where there are now yield signs. Also, several yield signs will be installed at the new second roundabout in Warsaw, which is located at Zimmer Road and U.S. 30.

In other news, two men came before the board with concerns about the Tippecanoe River clean-up project being proposed. Nash Brallier and Joe Westendorf told commissioners they have concerns with the proposed project. Brallier said he owns property along the river and did not receive any kind of notice that the project was even being discussed. Not all property owners were sent notifications, said Ed Rock, emergency management director.

Commissioner Ron Truex said the project is only in the “discussion mode” right now. If plans move forward all property owners along the river will receive notices of any future plans.

Commissioners held its election of officers this morning. Ron Truex was named president and Brad Jackson was named vice president. Bob Conley is the third commissioner.

The next meeting will be at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15, at the county courthouse in Warsaw.



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