UPDATE: Police Pursuing Burglary Suspects

Police located two suspects who were believed to be preparing to break into a home south of Pierceton, but at this time no charges have been filed.

At about 1:45 p.m. today, the owner of a home on CR 700 South arrived to find two suspects inside of a vehicle outside of his residence.

According to scanner traffic, the suspects were in a blue 2006 Saturn Vue. The homeowner tried to block the suspects in the driveway, but they drove away. The homeowner followed the suspects to a home on Monroe Road near Sellers Lake where they abandoned the vehicle and ran to a second vehicle, a black Ford Ranger.

A truck matching the description was found by Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department deputies at CR 600 South and Monroe Road, but the suspects had apparently fled on foot.

Police were in the vicinity of CR 600 South and SR 13 near Pierceton where they searched a wooded area and nearby residences. Police say the suspects were located and interviewed but not arrested. The homeowner reported nothing was missing and it appeared he arrived before the suspects were able to gain entry into the house.

The suspects names have not been released.



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UPDATE: Police Pursuing Burglary Suspects — 3 Comments

  1. Does anyone else think this is pretty ridiculous. How does that guy know they were going to try and rob his house? If they were sitting in his driveway, in their own car, I’m not sure they would’ve been stupid enough to park their own car in the driveway of this guy. Not to mention, apparently they hadn’t stolen the cars they were in, otherwise the cops would’ve done something about that. So unless those guys had a bunch of tools sitting in their car with them used to break into houses, and a couple ski-masks, or wearing some sort of clothing to cover up their faces. I don’t see how he could automatically come to the conclusion they were trying to rob him. Now granted, nobody wants someone just sitting in their driveway, and of course you’re going to think it’s suspicious, but if they were just sitting there, I’m sure the neighbors were keeping an eye on them, since they know those people don’t live there, and they are being weird just sitting there. Now that doesn’t explain why they would’ve taken off when he was trying to stop them from leaving, but maybe they were just done doing whatever they were doing, and thought it was crazy that some crazy guy was trying to stop them from leaving his driveway. Since everything you do is illegal these days, maybe these people thought they had done something illegal by sitting in his driveway, like ‘trespassing’, so they wanted to hurry up and get out of there, before they got in trouble. I understand that I am looking for the good, and not the bad here, but maybe that’s because I’m just trying to still hold out for this society. Our leaders have all but destroyed our society, our way of American life. We have no rights or liberties anymore, and they continue to want to take more from us. But I would imagine that if these people were wanting to rob this guy’s house, they probably wouldn’t drive their own personal car up to the place, and just sit there letting everyone around see them, and that they’re there. Unless of course this guy doesn’t have neighbors around him. I don’t know the circumstances, so I’m not going to point fingers. But I know if some crazy dude was trying to stop me from leaving, and all I was doing was sitting there in the driveway going over directions to a place, because I was lost or something, I’d just take off too.

    • All info wasn’t listed. They live down a long lane that can’t be seen by neighbors. You sound pretty harsh on a subject that you weren’t properly informed on.