Man Shoots Up Ex-Girlfriend’s Home

Troy Michael FriedenIt was a dramatic scene outside of a home near Pierceton yesterday when a man was apprehended at gunpoint after breaking into his former girlfriend’s home while armed.

Officers of the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department were called to 6511 E. Pierceton Rd. just after noon Monday. It was reported that a possible burglary was in progress at the residence.

KCSD Sgt. Floyd Knafel was the first on scene and noticed a shattered door to the residence. Moments later, Troy Michael Frieden, 38, of North Manchester, exited the home covered in blood. Frieden was held at gunpoint by KCSD Cpl. Chris Rager and taken into custody. Frieden was found to have in his possession two handguns, a .22 caliber Browning and a 9 mm Smith & Wesson.

Detectives said Frieden apparently broken into the residence through a garage entry door and sliced his hand in the process. After gaining entrance, he fired several shots into the engine compartment of the victim’s vehicle.

The scene of a Monday break-in where authorities say a man shot several rounds in his ex-girlfriend's car and home. (Photo provided by KCSD)

The scene of a Monday break-in where authorities say a man shot several rounds in his ex-girlfriend’s car and home. (Photo provided by KCSD)

Frieden then proceeded to canvas the entire house looking for his ex-girlfriend, leaving a trail of blood splatters. The suspect also broke several glass objects inside the residence and continued firing rounds into two televisions.

The victim was not at the home during the break-in.

Frieden was initially transported to Kosciusko Community Hospital for medical treatment before being taken to the Kosciusko County Jail. He is currently being held on a prosecutorial hold by Kosciusko County Prosecutor Dan Hampton.

Detectives are currently seeking potential charges of felony burglary with a deadly weapon, intimidation with a firearm and criminal recklessness.

The Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department was assisted during the investigation by the Winona Lake Police Department and the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office.




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Man Shoots Up Ex-Girlfriend’s Home — 3 Comments

  1. What a shame that this person will “do his time” and then will be out to impose his will on society again, far too soon. I cannot help wondering, if he had found his ex at home, if we would all be talking about a murder. I think he should be charged with plotting a murder or attempted murder, or something that would put longevity into his conviction and sentencing…

    • Oh but you know, if we had stricter gun laws this never would have happened *rolls eyes*. He was obviously determined to do this so (if gun laws were stricter) he would have either A. Obtained one illegally or B. used something else to tear the place apart. If I was his ex I’d be 1. Thanking God I wasn’t there and 2. Be fearful for my life.

  2. Its only a 72 hour hold for now, and i dont think they can charge him with attempted murder as girlfriend wasnt there. sad cause now this person will live in fear he will come back…………