Eagles Fly By Warriors

Wawasee logoCOLUMBIA CITY — In a game where Columbia City was likely favored at home, even Vegas might have had a hard time figuring out the makings of the 89-66 City boys basketball win over Wawasee Tuesday night.

Wawasee had its best opening quarter of the season by far, scoring 36 points in the frame. The Warriors canned nine three-pointers from six different players and held a 12-point advantage after eight minutes. But the movement to the second quarter saw a dramatic downfall in scoring output for the Warriors. Scoring just 16 points in the second quarter, Wawasee still held a 52-48 lead heading into the lockerroom.

A frigid shooting second half had the Warriors make just 5-27 shot attempts and score 14 points, which both Daniel Woll and Derek Hinen each outscored in the second half themselves.

Woll led the Eagles (7-0 overall) with 34 points and had 16 in the second half while Hinen finished with 29 points, scoring 17 points in the back half of the game. Led by the marksmanship of Woll, who was a perfect 14-14 from the floor and added six rebounds to his night, and the 14-18 shooting performance from Hinen to go with his eight boards and five steals, the Eagles were 36-47 overall (77 percent) from the floor for the game. City missed just two shots from inside the arc, but were 1-9 from downtown in its only scribble of the night.

Wawasee (3-4) had 15 points from Alex Clark and 13 points from Ryndan Aaron.

The Columbia City JV beat Wawasee 59-36 to open the night.

Columbia City will prepare for the Fort Wayne Carroll Shootout beginning Dec. 28 while Wawasee will hit the road Friday for a date at Mishawaka.



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Eagles Fly By Warriors — 11 Comments

  1. Think its way past due , the Mish must go. Always about the future that never happens. Learning? Is that what the older kids are recieving on this team now? These kids sacrifice everything for four years, tell them its about the future.

  2. [email protected] on said:

    Way past due. I have watched this coach for over 4 years and still don’t understand his concepts. Subbing 5 in and out every 1 minute, yes, every 1 minute. How can these boys ever really get their momentum going in and out like that? We’ve lost good players before and we have again. Making it known on the radio that the coach has given up this season to focus on the freshman and sophomores is unconceivable to me. How can a player not give up if the coach has. The junior and the senior that we have has earned the right to play more than just half the game. Not to mention the fact that they are the 2 of 3 scorers. Time to make some noise Wawasee community.

  3. I personally was hoping for some change with the new AD. There surely isn’t another coach in the entire world that has the crazy C-game (stalling while behind 10 points or more) or now the infamous (as I like to call it) the 1-minute offense!! What an embarrassment to our kids and the community!! Who possibly can come up with an entire offense for 12+ years based on the 3-point shot??? Until the trifecta club is gone – we are running an offense based on a fundraiser to earn the team money!! So can’t we say that Mishler is running a business, not teaching our kids the simple fundamentals of playing basketball? I’ve listened to the Willie announcers and have read many articles on Mishler’s remarks to making his team Sate worthy in two years! Funny! We heard that 2 years ago while we had a team full of sophmores and freshmen. Coincidence? I think not!!

  4. I have so many things I cannot put into words and every point I have has the same end result: it’s time for change. If you cannot be respected as a player, how can you in turn have respect for a coach. It’s a struggle to watch the games and have your entire student body leave at the end of the third quarter. What will it take for the people who can enforce change to see the problem, and resolve it?

    • Who in their right mind would “thumbs down” this comment? Obviously people that don’t attend the games. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist too see what’s going on. It’s sad to think that the school itself is wondering how to get the students back to attending the games. It’s a complete joke. A coach who thinks he is above everyone else and degrades kids when they try to talk to him and cheer squad who doesn’t cheer. It’s time that the school evaluates the coaches!!!

  5. What ever happened to playing basketball the right way by getting the best shot you can not the most or the fastest the way they play doesnt take any coaching there is very little defence and they can play an average team and make them look great.if the threes dont fall were dead in the water. another player just quit on wednesday dont look for too many more wins look for another coach.

  6. Good programs and coaches reload not rebuild. Where are these dislikes coming from, and why dont “they” have anything to say ? You push the dislike button, but no comments?!

  7. They now claim the team is so young. True, they are. Just watch and see 2 years from now – they’ll be in the same boat there are in now. Mishler is the one forcing our upperclassmen out the door, year after year! You can only take his mental games and his stupid offense and defense so long. The kids are tired of being humiliated and embarrassed.