Warsaw Fire Says Goodbye To Fifer

Fire Chief Mike Brubaker corrals Danny Fifer back into his retirement open house after attempting to leave on a call. (Photo by Joe Boals)

Thursday afternoon, Warsaw Fire Department gathered with members of the community to say goodbye to one of their own, Danny Fifer, as he beings his final shift. Fifer retires after 32 years serving the community of Warsaw.

“He was a stellar firefighter, from the trucks to fire behavior to anything that involved fire service rescue and he’ll be greatly missed,” said Mike Brubaker, fire chief. “With the experience he had and the knowledge of the city and the equipment, we can’t replace him. He’ll be sorely and greatly missed. It’s sad to see him go. he’s been here as long as everybody here, he was senior member when we all joined. He’s loved greatly here. It’ll be sad to see him go but times change and things move on.”

Fifer joined the Department in the footsteps of his father, Russell “Junior” Fifer, who served 27 years.

“He is a marvelous kid,” said Aneta Moore, Danny Fifer’s mother. “I’ve been through the first go-round with my first husband, he was a firefighter for 27 years. Danny went on before Junior got off and now Brent’s got on before Danny. It’s a cycle and that’s how it’s supposed to be. We’ve lived fire department.”

Fifer’s son, Brent, remains on the Department. While Fifer leaves plenty to be missed, he looks forward to having his weekends off.





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