UPDATE: Auto Park Closing Three Locations

The Auto Park in Warsaw is closing its doors for good.

The main number for the Warsaw location has been changed and an operator for the corporate office says they are in the process of “moving sales people to the Plymouth location.”

Information obtained by StaceyPageOnline.com from one of the now former employees is that all employees in the Warsaw, Huntington and South Bend stores were terminated Tuesday and vehicles are slated to be moved to other locations, such as Plymouth, beginning today. The man says the decision to close the locations was due to poor sales and “bad publicity.”

Mark Thomason, corporate field manager for The Auto Park confirms the closing of the three locations and says of the sales staff from those locations, only five were retained and relocated to the remaining locations in Plymouth, Goshen, Kendallville and Rochester in Indiana, and Sturgis, Mich.

Thomason said the reason Warsaw, Huntington and South Bend locations are closing is the result of “poor market conditions and the economy.” He added, “It’s tough to find good people and quality vehicles to stock all of the lots. It takes 100 to 150 vehicles for each lot and we just couldn’t find that many good vehicles.”

The reasons the three stores were targeted for closure, according to Thomason, were Warsaw’s poor sales, Huntington’s too rural location and construction in South Bend that adversly affected sales.

The Warsaw store will remain open through Friday when the last of the inventory should be removed and dispersed to the other five locations. Thomason said all Auto Park customers with extended warranty and service contracts will still be serviced at the remaining locations.



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