Threat To Pit Bulls Taken Seriously

Whether it started as a hoax or a threat, we’ll probably never know, but the result is that people with pit bulls and dogs that could be mistaken as such, are panicking over a text that has gone viral.

A message declaring Oct. 31 as Kill a Pit Bull Day apparently began circulating in September and has pit bull advocates and animal lovers up in arms and sharing warnings all over Facebook and Twitter. The original message seemed to have started in Missouri, but the effects are being felt right here in northern Indiana.

Tracy Landis, founder of S.C.A.R.S. Pit Bull Rescue in Kosciusko County said she heard kids at Warsaw Community High School have been bragging that they already have their target dogs picked out.

“It takes a sadistic person to do some of the things that are being talked about,” Landis said. “They’re talking about using baseball bats, putting glass in hamburger and poisoning dogs.”

The Kill a Pit Bull Day declaration was sent out last month by someone using the name Terry Jordan. The text said: “I’m here by announcing October 31 National kill a pitbull day. After you take the kids trick or treating keep your costume on round up some friends and kill as many pitbulls as you can before midnight. Baseball bats, knives, bricks and poisons (a hotdog soaked in radiator fluid works well) are all suitable tools. Their owners like brag about there high threshold for pain. So don’t worry them suffering they can take it. So remember to spread the word! OCTOBER 31, 2012 NATIONAL KILL A PITBULL NIGHT”

Even if it is a hoax, it takes just a couple of people to get a bad idea and act on. Landis added, “I just encourage everyone to keep an eye on their pit bulls and really animals, even black and orange cats. There are a lot of sadistic people out there.”

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department Detective Lt. Todd Sautter said he has been made aware of the comments and encourages all pet owners to be vigilant of their animals, especially on Halloween tomorrow. Should there be any incidences of violence to animals those should be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities.



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