Reader Offers Spay/Neuter Challenge

Connie Ratcliff runs a free pet site on Facebook to help alleviate overcrowded shelters. Free Pets to Good Homes gives people another avenue to go to instead of dropping their animals off at the shelters to be adopted out or even euthanized.

“I started this site in January 2012, and in just 9 months we have re-homed over 400-plus animals from pot bellied pigs to rats,” says Ratcliff. “We have seen a horrible increase in litters of unwanted puppies and kittens. This is almost becoming an epidemic in our communities.”

Ratcliff is now asking for help from veterinarian’s in our community to help Free Pets to Good Homes, help people and even help the animals. “This is something you can do to show you are in this fight with us to help control the unwanted animals that are pouring into our communities and having to be killed,” she explains.

Ratliff is asking each veterinarian agree to do at least two spay or neuters a month for free. “This does not need to be limited to just two, it can be more, but that would be left up to your discretion,” Ratliff says in addressing the veterinarians. “I am sure it could be used as some kind of tax deduction, or write off on your taxes also if you looked into that avenue.”

Free Pets to Good Homes invites those seeking pets, those needing to re-home pets and even veterinarians to check out the site and let them know who is willing to accept the challenge to give back to the community.

Ratliff concludes, “We are in a fight for the lives of these animals … and we need your help!”



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