Milford Man Charged With Child Molesting

Kent Adam Flannery

Milford Police Department has arrested a local man on preliminary charges of felony child molesting. Kent Adam Flannery, 31, of Milford, allegedly admitted his involvement in the crime.

Milford Town Marshal Rich Miotto said his department began an investigation into alleged accounts of a possible child that had been molested by a family member on Oct. 18. Child Protective Services brought the information to their agency and indicated the incidents had possibly been occurring since 2008.

Milford officers interviewed Flannery who they say did admit to his involvement.

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by, the mother of the 7-year-old female victim walked into her 11-year-old son’s room where she found the children with their pants down. The girl told her mother they were having “private time where you share special kisses” and said she also had private time with Flannery.

The court papers say Flannery admitted to approximately 20 incidents of sexual contact, including several graphic incidences, with the girl, dating back to 2008.

Milford officers filed charges with the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office and arrested Flannery Monday afternoon on one count of felony child molestation with a victim less than 14 years old.

Flannery is currently being held in the Kosciusko County Jail on $20,000 bond.



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Milford Man Charged With Child Molesting — 7 Comments

  1. Normally I am one to commend Stacey Page Online for the in depth coverage and community awareness the site provides. However, I am disgusted by the lastest information added to this story and find the lack of sensitivity shameful. As a mother, myself, my concern if for the defenseless, young lady who not only has to deal and live with this the rest of her life, but now has such information blatantly shared for all to read. Where is the discrection in this for her sake? Her name may not have been disclosed, but far too much has been. I pray that as grows older she has the strength to overcome the hurt from the terrible crime inflicted upon her.

  2. Milfordmomma, I understand your concerns. However, I am a mother of two children who were in that home daily for child care. I am glad that this is being posted. You cannot imagine the nightmare that myself and the other parents are living at this moment. Praying to GOD that this sick person didn’t touch either of my children. I am at a loss for words right now and have no clue how to feel about this situation. I know a couple other families that had their children in that home as this mans mother was a child care provider!!!

  3. Mom2Angels, I am truly sorry that you, or any parent or child is put into the situation to even have to question the possibility of such a horrendous thing to happen. Honestly, I can imagine and do know the nightmare of what incidences like this are. I am by no means defending the actions that were done by Kent or any other offender. It is despicable and utterly wrong. I am also aware that he was in the home of a child care provider and have to believe that the Prosecutor’s office will thoroughly investigate for the possibility of additional children that may have been affected. I, too, pray there are no other victims to be found from this case. My discomfort in the article was not for whether or not he did something wrong – as he clearly did and it makes my skin crawl. My intention was to stand up and defend this little girl because not only were her age and relation to the offender clearly made, but also specific details about the absolutely horrible acts. Why were the general statements of, “a victim less than 14 years old” or “by a family member” not enough to satisfy the public’s awareness as originally published? The affidavit may be legally obtainable through the courts, but just because the details are available does it mean that they need to be shared at the expense of the victim?…One who most likely wasn’t aware that what had happened to her was beyond inappropriate because unfortunately it sounds like that was what she grew up knowing as a part of her life. She is a young, school-aged child who in addition to having her trust broken by a family member, now has horrible, personal information out there for all of her classmates to know. Instead of choosing to protect the innocence of this child, unnecessary details were published to make a story. That is what my issue was. Where is the line drawn? I will protect my child until the day I die; but I will also stand up for other children who are being wronged. May God give her strength and courage in the days and years to come so that she may be able to cope with this tragic time in her life.

  4. Mom2angels I understand exactly how you feel, not only were my kids babysat by his mother when they were young but this monster babysat my kids in my home for 2 years after I got divorced. I know Kent very well. The mother of this child is my best friend, has been for years and I remember the day that beautiful baby was born. I am close to this little girl, so close I was the 2nd person she told before going with them to the hospital/police. You do NOT know the details, you, thank God do not have to walk around knowing what he did to her and let me tell you it’s beyond any normal parent’s comprehension. I totally agree his picture should be posted everywhere with the word monster written above his name and I agree any parent of any child that has EVER been babysat should be notified and concerned but if this was your child would you want everyone to know your child was the victim? You know as well as I do how tiny Milford is. It really isn’t hard to figure out who this child is because her relationship to this monster was outed on this web page and for that I, as someone that knows and loves her dearly, am deeply angered by that. She has suffered enough and my best friend is suffering in ways no mother should ever have to. They do not need any more humiliation, don’t you think she has suffered enough. I totally agree he should be outed for the sicko he is, I personally hope he never sees the light of day again. BUT this child needs to be left alone, at 7 years old she should be able to go to school and not be whispered about behind her, her mother should be able to send her to school and not have to worry if she is going to be questioned by other kids as she tries to get this child the help she needs. This little girl’s future health and happiness is what is at stake here. I made a promise to this child that I won’t ever let anyone hurt her again and I do intend to keep that promise. So let’s let this child be, let her have a chance to be happy. I understand your fears, believe me you I do, as I said he babysat my kids in my home for 2 years but SHE NEEDS ANONYMITY. Remember she is just a child, no different than yours, mine or anyone else.

  5. I would further like to thank you MilfordMama for having the decency to speak out on this, to have concern for our baby girl and I would like to chastise this webpage for having no concern for an innocent child or her well being. You read the probable cause affidavit, you read the details of the crimes he committed against her, you know what he did, you know how utterly sick and disgusting the acts against her were. You have to know after reading that report what a long road she has ahead of her. She trusts no one but her mama, step daddy and me. This baby had to miss school again on Wednesday because her mommy wasn’t going to make her have to answer questions and thank God Wawassee is out on fall break today and tomorrow and hopefully she is in a young enough age group that by Monday the kids won’t think to ask anything. So before you go to bed tonight ask yourself if reporting that much info was worth causing a child that has been through the most horrid torture to miss school, to relive over and over that pain? I wonder how well you will sleep.

    • I too feel for this child, but I have to ask…what 7 year old is logging onto this site and reading it? I may be behind in times, but wow…I can’t grasp that concept. I am not saying that what any of you prior to me have said is wrong..i agree with quite a bit of what you are saying. It just is hard to imagine other children of this age group to be on and grasping all this and then in turn..making fun of this young girl.

      • It’s not about kids being on here, it’s about the idiotic parents that talk about stuff when they think their kids are not listening, let me tell you, they ARE! Her mother had a minor surgery of sorts, was in hospital for 2 nights and 3 days, the girl stayed with me. I kept her out of school these days because my own kids go to different wawassee schools and I figured getting spoiled a bit wasn’t gonna hurt a thing. However she went back to school this past Thursday and was told by another student, another 7 yr old that the perpetrator is in jail and he is a nasty bad man! Now you want to tell me again 7 yr old kids won’t comprehend???? This was all info we were trying to keep from her. The LAST thing our baby needs to think is her dad went to jail because of her. Come on, use your brain!!! These kids have and do!!!