UPDATE: Horse Killed In ‘Intentional’ Act

A hit and run driver may have intentionally killed a horse in an accident along Enterprise Drive in Warsaw. The driver of the vehicle was apprehended a few miles from the scene at gunpoint and was taken to a Fort Wayne hospital where a blood sample was requested. (Photo by Stacey Page)

An investigation into a horrific incident near Walmart late Saturday night continues and today, Warsaw Police say alcohol was a large contributing factor.

Police are expected to release more details later this morning but now say witness statements may be changing.

At 10:52 p.m. Saturday, the driver of a white Grand Am reportedly drove around a wagon pulled by a horse that carried at least three young Amish men. Video surveillance at Walmart captured the vehicle turning around in the parking lot and heading straight back north on Sheldon Drive toward the horse-drawn vehicle. (This was erroneously first reported by dispatch as Enterprise Drive)

The male occupants of the wagon being pulled by the horse, told police the driver of the vehicle accelerated and drove straight into the horse. The impact killed the animal upon impact and threw the wagon up onto the curb. The male passengers were thrown, but not injured.

The driver, according to Warsaw Police, was operating with a blood alcohol content that was at least twice the legal limit.

Imediately after the crash, the driver of the vehicle then sped off to CR 300 North traveling west down a dirt road. Police were able to locate and stop the vehicle and arrested the occupant at gunpoint along CR 200 West near U.S. 30.

According to officers on scene who made the arrest, the driver was taken to Kosciusko Community Hospital for treatment of injuries he suffered in the crash, but KCH diverted him to a Fort Wayne hospital.

More witnesses to the tragic event told StaceyPageOnline.com that at least one of the Amish males allegedly did something to irritate the suspect, which may have led to the act of violence, but it’s unclear if any of those witnesses gave statements to police.

Police, fire and EMS personnel on scene said the male victims in the wagon were very lucky to escape injury.

Investigators are working with the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office this morning to determine charges. That information is also expected to be released later this morning.



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UPDATE: Horse Killed In ‘Intentional’ Act — 7 Comments

  1. I do not understand how a person could be so heartless to kill this poor animal for no reason! Thank god the 2 amish, men were alright! Thanks to the fine officers who caught this sick man so quickly! Another reason to be proud of Warsaws finest!

  2. How horrible is this…. This is so sad…. Goes to show you cant trust anyone no more. If the guy had a problem why didn’t he confront the Amish males instead of running them down….

  3. Extremely disturbed by this news!!!! This is ridiculous and never should have happened. Shaking my head at how someone could be so cruel to the Amish and their horse! Intentional, CONVICTED by a camera and 2 eye witnesses, JAIL TIME!

  4. It is disgusting that the poor horse was killed for a senseless argument. I think his intent was to injur or kill the Amish men as well. He should be charged with no less than attempted murder and all the evidence is on film. Should be a slam dunk for the proscuter.

  5. This is despicable! Is it a horrible act of road rage, or a hate crime? I ponder what charges should be brought against this guy…My heart goes out to the men that were in the buggy.

  6. Whoever seems to be thumbing down the comments above seem to be just as sick as the driver. Regardless of being drunk, you should still know better than to run into a horse. What would be going through your head to cause such a catastrophic mess. Heart goes out to the Amish men involved.