Wanted Man Located In Syracuse

Brad Lee Niles Jr.

A North Webster man who failed to appear for his sentencing on Aug. 2 was arrested in Syracuse yesterday.

Brad Lee Niles Jr., 25, had a warrant issued for his arrest when he failed to show up in Kosciusko Circuit Court after pleading guilty to two counts of felony forgery, two counts of felony fraud and one count of being a habitual offender. Niles was arrested in March on a warrant blitz.

On Wednesday, Syracuse Police received a tip that Niles was at his mother’s home at 1014 N. Huntington St., Syracuse. Lisa Niles gave officers permission to search her home. When they did, they found the man hiding in a closet. He was arrested without incident.

During a search of the suspect at the jail, Niles was found to be in possession of methamphetamine. He now faces additional charges of possession of meth and drug trafficking.

Without the new charges, Niles was already facing up to 12 years in prison and fines of up to $40,000 in fines. Being a habitual offender carries an additional sentence of no less than four years in prison for each felony charge.




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Wanted Man Located In Syracuse — 2 Comments

  1. First of all let me introduce myself my name is Shanna the wanted man they caught above is my baby brother!!!!! How can my brother be wanted when on Friday July 13,2012 all charges were dismissed. He was released from Kosciusko County Jail.. He was told they were all dismissed time served and not given a court date at the release time. Wich was on Saturday July 14,2012. Also let me give you the correct information….. My brother is being held on the warrant from court on only one charge the forgery the rest were dismissed!!!!!! Then the new charge for those of you who are putting their nose here!!! For the record im not deffending him. I know he did wrong and is no angel. But he is my brother and a addict only god can judge him.. But i have a question for you people how is it all these charges were dismissed and now back isnt that double jepordy how can they charge him with the same crime twice??????? Please comment i really want to know

  2. its becuz this county, the cops, the prosecuters are all pretty much twisted/crooked, they do what they want….people with meth addictions need help.. or maybe its just with some people there is no help cuz they dont want help…. idk.. i do kno sending them to prison isnt doing ****, theres more drugs in prison then there is on the streets or just as much…dudes be hustling in there like they would be on the streets…. im sorry bout brad shanna it really is sooooo sad….