UPDATE: Two Hurt in Motorcycle Crash

A couple who had been enjoying a wedding reception ended their night in the hospital.

According to Byron Conley, William Jenkins, 23, of Sidney, and Ashley Templeton, 30, of Warsaw, left the reception just for a short motorcycle ride when they collided with a deer. It happenedĀ at approximately 12:30 a.m. Sunday, July 29.

Initially, emergency dispatchers were told two people were unresponsive following the crash on CR 400 East near Wilcox Road. Samaritan air ambulance was immediately called to transfer both victims.

Conley, who identified the victims as his nephew and stepdaughter, said the pair was only about a quarter-mile from the reception when the accident happened. “I heard the bike, but then it stopped,” he recalled. “I told my wife I better go check on them because they didn’t come back.”

Conley estimated Jenkins was driving no more than 50 mph when the deer ran in front of the bike. Jenkins suffered a skull fracture. Templeton sustained extensive road rash, a concussion and a laceration to her heel. She was in ICU at Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne until being moved to a regular room last night. She is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow.

Jenkins checked himself out of the hospital and is recovering at home. He also suffered lacerations to his cheek and elbow.



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