UPDATE: Head On Crash

The driver of this SUV had to be cut from his vehicle after he was sideswiped by another SUV on SR 13 south of North Webster. (Photo by Stacey Page)

A collision between two SUVs on South SR 13 Wednesday near North Webster sent Mark E. Deister and Howard P. Fischer, both of Fort Wayne, to the hospital.

Reported as a head on crash, the collision on SR 13 south of Barbee Road sent both vehicles rolling.

Evidence at the scene and a witness say Deister, 13100 Aboite Center Rd., was northbound on SR 13 and, for an unknown reason, crossed the center line. Fischer, of 9011 Dartford Ct., was southbound on the highway and had a split second to react. The witness said Deister veered left to avoid a head-on collision.

The passenger side of Deister’s vehicle struck the passenger side rear of Fischer’s SUV

The witness told police on scene that the collision could not be avoided by Fischer, whose 2008 Dodge Caravan was actually sideswiped, causing him to lose control. The vehicle rolled at least once before coming to a stop on its side.

Fischer had to extricated from his vehicle and was taken to Kosciusko Community Hospital with pain to his ribs and pelvis. He was treated for facial and body injuries.

Deister, whose 2010 Lincoln Navigator came to a rest upside down in a wooded area approximately 150 yards from the second vehicle, was able to climb out of the wreckage himself. He was taken to Parkview Hospital and suffered from minor facial bleeding.

The driver of this SUV allegedly is responsible for causing the crash on SR 13 south of Barbee Road, North Webster. According to authorities on scene, a witness saw the black SUV northbound in the wrong lane of SR 13. (Photo by Stacey Page)



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UPDATE: Head On Crash — 5 Comments

  1. Driving on the wrong side of the road huh? Most likely was an old person. I understand old folks want to keep their license, and ability to be independent, but the fact is, you need to be able to say when it’s time to give it up. I’ve seen so many old folks over the past couple of years, almost causing what would have been a horrific incident, all because they don’t care to stop at stop signs, yield the right of way, or look before turning and/or switching lanes, and backing out. It’s gotten to be ridiculous! I look around, and I wonder have all the old folks around here gone mad??? None of them seem to even care anymore. Almost like WE should be the ones looking out for them or something. By the grace of God I’ve been lucky enough to avoid some bad collisions, due to some old person not looking where they’re going, or one of the other examples I gave. I’m just completely sick of it. You people have lived your lives, and now you are putting others in danger that haven’t had the opportunity to live their lives. I drive around with my wife and three little kids, and my eyes are constantly scanning for danger. I’m sick of the way people drive in this town period, but the old folks are the worst. I don’t know if it’s because of how fast paced the driving has become, and the old folks aren’t used to that sort of atmosphere, or if it’s because they just simply don’t care anymore. But all I know is, I’m trying to make sure I keep my family safe, and every time we need to go somewhere, we have some old fogies trying to run into us. It’s time to give up your license grandma before you kill someone PLEASE….

  2. Accidents are horrible things,especially when innocent people are the victims. Just because somebody was driving on the wrong side of the road, does not mean that they are OLD people or OLD FOGIES as you called them. Older people have the same rights as a person of any age, which in America entitles them to the priviledge of possessing a driver’s license, just like me and you. If an old person, is not healthy enough to maintain their driving privledges,then a doctor should recommend their license be revoked. I do not feel you have the right to blame an accident on a stereotype of how you feel towards OLD people. Someday you will be OLD too.

  3. I hope that you realize how unintelligent you sound making a ridiculous accusation like that, obviously having absolutely no idea what actually happened. I’m sure everyone that reads your post will jump right on board with you….NOT. Were you at the accident? Did you see the driver? Did you witness it? Were you assisting the medical crews? Are you the officer that did the investigation? I’d say probably none of the above. Let’s stop throwing out allegations and maybe be thankful that no one was seriously injured

  4. I love posting comments like that, and watching people’s reaction. That is the whole reason I made an anonymous account, so that I can say what others aren’t willing to say, and who cares about being politically correct. Of course it’s a smaller town, so I don’t want to use my real name and worry about anyone trying to hold these things against me. My opinions are just that, my opinions. And if you don’t like them that is fine, but I guarantee you there is a little bit of agreeing with me in every one of you.

  5. Yes you are correct. I think that the elderly should be watched very closely as the thought process and reaction is not what it once was. The problems is when you take a specific accident (knowing nothing about) and go off on a tangent about how it is all “old” peoples fault and they shouldn’t be driving. I didn’t see you say anything about these 16 year old kids that don’t pay attention when they drive. You didn’t say anything about any age person that is talking on the phone and not paying attention to what they are doing. You didn’t say anything about these people that 2 hands on they’re phone texting and NO hands on the wheel. You didn’t say anything about all the people who are habitual DUI violators that do not even have a driver’s license that are still driving and still causing accidents. You didn’t mention the people that fall asleep at the wheel and cause accidents. You didn’t mention the people that have medical conditions. You see where I’m going with this. There are endless reasons that accidents are caused. So your rant, while somewhat accurate, should have been placed on different story, not on a story that you clearly knew nothing about.