BMX Bikers ‘Race For Life’

Erick Shoesmith, rocking the blue mohawk helmet, speeds through the 8 Novice qualifying races Saturday morning at Hire Park. (Photos by Mike Deak)

Yes, it was a double points weekend at Hire Park on Saturday. Yes, it was hot outside. And yes, there was a greater purpose among the action at Hire Park BMX in Warsaw. No question.

The ‘Race For Life’ is an annual fundraiser put on by the Hire Park staff to raise research aid for those affected by Leukemia and Lymphoma. The racing at Hire Park, which was still a live double points set up for the 2012 circuit, allowed participants to give to a greater cause while trying to support their own biking ambitions.

“This is a great thing for the park to be involved with, doing the Race For Life,” said Hire Park spokesman Dan Rumple, who doubled as emcee for the races Saturday morning. “Any time you can do something on a bigger level, that is something we are interested in.”

Rumple reported early afternoon donations had totaled $727, which will go directly to the national research campaigns. Hire Park would still accept donations despite reporting a total. Most of the racers from Saturday at Warsaw were planning on going to Fort Wayne Saturday evening for stage racing, and vice versa for Sunday, where Hire Park will host stage racing and Fort Wayne will host its ‘Race For Life’ event.



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