Kosciusko Fair Open Class Winners Announced

Open class winners at the Kosciusko County Community Fair were announced this week. Here is a listing of the winners:

Maria Miller, Best of Show; blue ribbons went to Jeanne Weirick, Leah Engle, Bobbi Barnes, Susan Gochenour, Leslie Darr, Diann Slaymaker and Sandra Blanchard

Pat Walters, Best of Show; blue ribbons went to Marsha Miller, Gertrude Smythe and Judy Clayton

Paul Berkey, Best of Show; blue ribbons went to Rose Pemberton, Sue Earl, Mona Pifer, Matheson Hertel, Tammy Wise, Sharodene Morris and Merl Montel

Fine Arts
Chad Wright, Best of Show for arts; Esther Kramer, Best of Show for photography; blue ribbons went to Kerrie Walls, Teresa Breading, Annalisa Hartsine, Isaiah Richardson, Hannah Smith and Caitlin Clevenger

Mary Lowery, Best of Show for needlework; Roberta Tucker, Best of Show for quilts; blue ribbons went to Julie Popenfoose, Jean Craig, Sandra Blanchard, Charissa Richardson, Tammy Wise and Geneva Veasey

Deb Schroeder, Best of Show; blue ribbons went to Sandy Wise, Mary Ann Sidiewski, Melissa Estep, Teresa Landis, Jewel Wise, Clayton Busch, Abraham Gordillo and Becky Lambert

Nancy Trump, Best of Show; blue ribbons went to Carolyn Zimmerman, June Thomas and Ann McConnell

Lily Miller, Best of Show; blue ribbons went to Dee Myers, Roger Studebaker, Louisa Hartel, Eileen Ransbottom, Jim Craig and Shannon McSherry

Food Preservation
Olivia Coons, Best of Show; blue ribbon winners were Kim Long, Janet Maull, Ralph Myers and  Rosalie Lee.

Children’s Winner
Jacob Shroeder, 6, of Winona Lake, was the winner of the children’s category of the open class foods division of the Kosciusko County Community Fair. He made chocolate chip cookies.







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