Test Drive Ends Badly

Warsaw firefighters work to clean up an accident at SR 15 and CR 250 North in Warsaw. The crash occurred in the northbound lane of SR 15. (Photo by Stacey Page)

A woman test driving a car from the Warsaw Auto Plex was taken to Kosciusko Community Hospital for treatment after a collision at SR 15 and CR 250 North near Walmart.

According to a police report, Cindy Stiver, 56, Warsaw, was northbound on SR 15 returning to the auto dealership when Stanton Frantz, 61, of South Whitley, pulled into her path from the Walmart entrance.

Stiver suffered elbow pain and a passenger in her car, Stephan Stiver, 61, complained of chest pains. Both were transported to the hospital for treatment. Frantz complained of chest pain.

Police estimated damages from the crash to be as much as $100,000.



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Test Drive Ends Badly — 6 Comments

  1. Now just wait until they repair the vehicle then ask them to drop a couple of thousand off of it because it’s new and already been in an accident.

  2. Well I don’t think so…..I am the woman that was driving that car and it was totaled. It was a beautiful car. Seriously considered buying it. Unfortuately it wasn’t meant to be. But if you want a safe car, this is a good one. Very sore today but everyone for as bad as an accident as it was is safe! Thanking God for His protection!

  3. Cindy, so that’s the reason you got into a wreck? lol Checking out the safety features huh? I can see it, getting out of the wrecked car: “well seemed to do good in a collision, guess I’ll go buy one now, thanks for the test drive”. hahah Well I know who NOT to let test drive my car if I ever sell it….

  4. Anon, for your info. I didn’t cause the accident, the guy pulled out in front of ME! Someone else said the same guy pulled out in front of them a little while earlier. Scary Thought huh? So if I were you I would watch out for a 2009 dodge truck out of Whitley County. Thank-you to all the witnesses that stayed and gave their support on my behalf! Really wished staceypage printed a follow-up like they said they would do.