Snep, Sylvester Win Big At TOC

The Shoop Sports and Youth Foundation held its annual Tournament of Champions Saturday at North Webster Elementary School. Shown are the scholarship winners, in front from left, Micaela Sylvester, Emily Hickerson, Kelci Freds and Amy Walker. In the middle row TOC staff members Gretchen Willaman and Jace Stewart, scholarship winners Derek Freds, Brian Willoughby, Jordan Berkey and Derek Snep, and TOC staff members Dan Gause and Brett Willaman. In the back row are TOC staff members Mitch Willaman, Keith Bollman and Stephen Possell. (Photos by Mike Deak)

Not a bad morning’s worth of work.

The Shoop Sports and Youth Foundation held its annual Tournament of Champions at North Webster Elementary School Saturday morning, giving area athletes a chance to earn college scholarship money through athletic competition. The winners for the 2012 TOC were Derek Snep and Micaela Sylvester, both earning $2,000. Both Snep and Sylvester were first-time champions.

Derek Freds and Amy Walker both earned $1,500 for runner-up finishes in the 10-event competition, while Derek’s sister, Kelci, and Brian Willoughby both won $1,000 for third place while Jordan Berkey and Emily Hickerson were both fourth and earned $500 each.

Athletes opened the day with a mile-run followed by a free throw contest. Included throughout the morning were long jump, pull-ups, shuttle run, soccer course, long distance basketball shoot-out, obstacle course and the guys threw footballs while girls launched softballs for distance.

MEN’S TOTALS (first-place wins followed by total points)
Derek Snep; 0; 16.5 points
Derek Freds; shuttle run, 40-yard dash; 11 points
Brian Willoughby; mile run; obstacle course; 9.5 points
Jordan Berkey; soccer course; 8.5 points
Joey Hickerson; pull-ups; 8 points
Ben Klaybor; free throws, long distance shoot-out; 6.5 points
Zac Patrick; football throw; 6.5 points
Garly Windle; free throws, long distance shoot-out; 6.5 points
Zac Erba; 0; 5 points
Preston Keim; 0; 5 points
John Essex; long jump; 4.5 points
Trent Koble; long distance shoot-out; 4.5 points
Trapper Mize; 0; 3 points
Bauer Schmeltz; 0; 3 points
Justin Fick; 0; 2 points

WOMEN’S TOTALS (first-place wins followed by total points)
Micaela Sylvester; free throws, obstacle course, shuttle run; 20.5 points
Amy Walker; mile run, long jump; soccer course; 15.5 points
Kelci Freds; softball throw, long distance shoot-out; 13 points
Emily Hickerson; long jump, pull-ups, 40-yard dash; 12 points
Leanza Reyes; 0; 10 points
Kylee Ort; free throws; 9.5 points
Adriana Ganz; 40-yard dash; 6 points
Ashlee Ort; 0; 5 points
Kaleigh DeBeck; 0; 3 points
Sarah Jones; 0; 2 points
Kalyn McDaniel; 0; 2 points
Emily Bidwell; 0; 1.5 points



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